Culverts and Driveways

1. Types of Culverts

Cross (Under) Road Culvert

Maintained by Council.

Driveway/Crossover Culvert

Maintained by Property Owner.

The property owner is responsible for the maintenance of their culverts and driveways under the Road Management Act. The driveway is not required for public use, it is only required for the individual to gain access to their property.  

A property owner on an unmade road is also responsible for installing a driveway culvert if this is required under Council's Streets and Roads Local Law.

2. Exception - Council will only maintain private culverts if:

  • Gravel/crushed rock from Council's roads have caused the culvert to block
  • The drains non-function causes damage to Council's Assets

Please note if this is found to be due to an undersized culvert the resident will be required to upgrade their culvert:

  • Council may assist with clearing the culvert, if the culvert is constructed to Council's standards and is blocked, where the landowner is unable to clear it and the water runoff may cause damage.
  • Sometimes there is a need to use high pressure hose to clear it, particularly if the rock has settled.
  • Normal tree leaf litter will not be considered as Council's responsibility causing the issue. 




3. What does a property owner need to do if they want to install, alter or remove a culvert or driveway/crossover?

Works Permit will be required for any works in a Road Reserve. This includes:

  • constructing, altering or removing a culvert pipe;
  • constructing, altering or removing a vehicle crossing (driveway/crossover);
  • service connections;
  • drainage and stormwater connections.

The permit must be obtained at least seven (7) days prior to the commencement of works.