Our Organisation

Yarra Ranges Council is divided into three different directorates. Each directorate has unique roles and responsibilities.

Corporate Services Directorate

Our Corporate Services team provides community compliance services and a broad range of support, integral for our internal operations.

  • Information Services

  • Customer & Business Transformation (Customer Experience, Corporate Strategy & Communications,  Transformation)

  • People & Culture

  • Financial Services (Strategic Procurement, Property rating Services, Risk Infringement & Governance)

Environment & Engineering

Our Environment & Engineering team look after a range of areas from building to maintaining community infrastructure. 

  • Sustainable Environment & Facilities ( Waste Management, Environmental Stewardship, Biodiversity and Property & Facilities Management)

  • Strategic Services (Strategic asset and capital works management, Fleet operations, Strategic projects)

  • Infrastructure Services (Infrastructure Strategy and Investigation, Maintenance, and Delivery)

  • Recreation Projects & Parks (Parks & Bushlands, Recreation & Acting Living and Major Projects)

Social & Economic Development

Our Social & Economic Development team look after a range of services provided to community members from birth to the elderly along with community engagement and planning.

  • Business & Community Wellbeing (Community Partnerships & Wellbeing, Safer Communities - Local Laws, School Crossings, Public Health, Economic Development, Community Youth & Development)

  • Development Services and Strategic Planning (Statutory & Strategic Planning, Development Compliance & Prosecutions)

  • Creative Communities (Cultural Facilities & Development –Museum, community centres, Cultural Programs)

  • Community Support Services (Early learning, maternal child health, childcare, Healthy & Active Ageing, Volunteer and Social Support)