Our Organisation

Yarra Ranges Council is divided into four directorates and an Office of the CEO. Each directorate has unique roles and responsibilities.

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services team provides community compliance services and a broad range of support, integral for our internal operations.

  • Information Services

  • Customer & Communications

  • People & Culture

  • Financial Services

Environment & Infrastructure

Our Environment & Infrastructure team look after a range of areas from building to maintaining community infrastructure. 

  • Infrastructure Services (Infrastructure Maintenance, Infrastructure Delivery, Infrastructure Strategy and Investigation)

  • Sustainable Environment and Facilities (Waste Management, Environmental Stewardship, Property and Facilities Management)

  • Recreation, Projects and Parks (Recreation and Actie Living, Major Projects, Parks and Bushlands)

  • Assets and Capital Programming (Strategic Asset Management, Capital Works Management, Fleet Management)

Social & Economic Development

Our Communities team look after a range of services provided to community members from birth to the elderly along with community engagement and planning.

  • Community Services (Age Friendly Communities, Family and Children's Health, Maternal Child Health Immunisations, Middle Years)

  • Creative Communities (Cultural Facilities, Cultural Development)

  • Community Wellbeing (Safer Communities, Emergency Management, School Crossings, Community Partnerhips and Wellbeing, Community Development)

Planning, Design and Development

Our Planning, Design and Development team are responsible for the sustainable design and development of Yarra Ranges.

  • Planning and Building (Statutory Planning, Development Compliance and Prosecutions)

  • Design and Place (Strategic Planning)

  • Strategic Projects (Lilydale Quarry, Level Removal Projects, Municipal DCP)

  • Economic Development and Attraction (Economic Development, Business Development, Investment Facilitation)