Small Grant recipients

Project Title



 Assessing Officer Comments

Powelltown Defibrillator Project Powelltown Residents Water Association Inc O'Shannassy The application from Powelltown Residents Water Association received funding to install a defibrillator and train community members in usage. Th meets the Small Grants Criteria by providing an opportunity for community to learn and increase resilience.Partial funding of materials limit of $500.
First Aid / Emergency Response Course (ERC) Woori Yallock Junior Football Club Inc O'Shannassy The application from Woori Yallock Junior Football Club Inc) received funding to to offer the Emergency Response Course (ERC) to at least 12 volunteers so that we can increase the number of upskilled First Aiders available for each match.
Edible Warburton Community Garden. Annual bed rejuvenation, enrichment and mulch. Rejuvenating pathways. Extend fruit and vegetable range. Edible Warburton Community Garden O'Shannassy The application from Edible Warburton Community Garden received funding to rejuvenate their exting community garden with a side benefit of volunteers coming together. Partial funding of materials limit of $500.
Supporting Healthy Relationships CHIRNSIDE PARK FOOTBALL CLUB INC. Chirnside The application from Chirnside Park Football Club received funding to provide an interactive and engaging training session for our female players and support staff on "Healthy vs harmful behaviours in a relationship".
Riley Ferguson Ryrie The application from Kelly Taylor received funding to for Riley Fergus to play local football and connect with local community and support youth sports and positively contribute to h health and well being.
Over 50s Friendship Group Over 50s Friendship Group O'Shannassy The application from Over 50's Friendship Group was granted funding to provide ongoing get togethers for older adults in the Yarra Valley.
Yarra Valley Living Centre Open Day Yarra Valley Living Centre All The application from Yarra Valley Living Centre received funding to offer an Open Day to invite members of the public to attend.
Millgrove Community Led Resilience Survey Millgrove Resident;s Action Group Inc O'Shannassy The application from Millgrove Residents Action Group Inc received funding to conduct a resilience survey for the Millgrove Community .
Annual Concert U3A Healesville Inc Ryrie The application from U3A Healesville Inc received funding to deliver its annual concert.
Care Packs for Vulnerable Youth Benwerren O'Shannassy The application from Nichole Kelly (Benwerren) received funding to provide practical resources and support to 48 youth experiencing vulnerability. These care packs will generate self- care actions and the support services info will enable them to seek help or support their friends and community members to do so.
Garden and Food Fair Healesville Community Garden Ryrie The application from Healesville Community Garden received funding to stage a Garden Fair.
Still Standing Art Exhibition Kapi Arts Inc. Streeton The application from Kapi Arts Inc. received funding to host an exhibition of work from local Yarra Ranges artts, exploring themes of resilience to challenges of COVID19 and storms.
Unfuror Keith Deverell Streeton The application from Dave Thompson received funding to run creative development sessions, involving public workshops and a public dress rehearsal, to create a new performance piece.
Youth Music Mentoring Program Upper Yarra Musicians Collective O'Shannassy The application from Upper Yarra Musicians Collective received funding to deliver a youth music mentoring program that will link under-15s with professional local musicians to develop skills, confidence and experience.
Governance Training at ECOSS Yarra Valley ECOSS O'Shannassy The application from ECOSS received funding to provide Governance Training to its Board and co-located NFP groups to upskills volunteers.
Foothills Festival Upwey - Locals on the Lawn Upwey Community Group/Project Upwey Streeton The application from Jacqui Buckland received funding to provide waste management for Foothills festival Upwey th festival addresses the need for locals to gather safely and enjoy social interaction.
Cooked meals for needy locals The Food Affectiont All The application from The Food Affectiont & Outer East Foodshare received funding to provide Food Safety Supervor Training and Volunteer First Aid training.
Upwey Toy Library promotion and recruitment project Upwey Toy Library Streeton The application from Upwey Toy Library received funding to promote and support their services.
Trash to treasure Kalorama Collective Chandler The application from Kalorama Collective received funding to organe a Trash to Treasure event to feature upcycling and skill-sharing.
Indigenous Match/Day Warburton - Millgrove FNC O'Shannassy The application from Warburton-Millgrove Football and Netball Club seeks funding to engage a local indigenous artist to create artwork that will feature on club jerseys during the indigenous round.
Kite Festival - Part of The Healing in The Hills Series Rescue Logs Inc All The application from Rescue Logs Inc seeks funding to coordinate community kite making and festival in Kalorama.
Increasing female participation by adding new team/s th 2022 season Monbulk Rangers Soccer Club Chandler The application from Monbulk Rangers Soccer Club seeks a funding co-contribution from Council to support equipment costs to establish more female teams at the club.
Adventure Dog Animal Aid Ryrie The application from Animal Aid received funding for waste bins for the Adventure Dog event which a charity event raing much needed funds for Animal Aid.
Faith Stories: Conversations to secure peace through a culture of heart Womens Federation for World Peace Australia Lyster The application from the Women's Federation for World Peace organation seeks funding to deliver the annual "Faith Stories" event.
Celebrate Mooroolbark Celebrate Mooroolbark incorporated Melba The application from Celebrate Mooroolbark received funding for in-kind waste management support from Council.
Healesville CoRE Strategic Plan Review Healesville Community Renewable Energy Inc T/A Healesville CoRE Ryrie The application from Healesville CoRE seeks funding to subside costs associated with engaging a consultant to review their Strategic Plan.
Promoting Health and Wellbeing in the Yarra Ranges Yarra Ranges Men's Health Project All The application from the Yarra Ranges Men's Health Project seeks funding to support costs associated with promoting health and wellbeing in the Healesville, Upwey, and Lilydale regions.
Kalorama Chestnut Festival Mount Dandenong Preschool Streeton The application from Mt Dandenong Pre-School received funding to support the Kalorama Chestnut Festival, a community event in collaboration with Selby Folk Club.
Community Connections Art Therapy Melba Support Services Chandler The application from Melba Support Services received funding for arts materials and equipment to establh a new Art Therapy program.
Increasing awareness and appreciation of birds in the Yarra Ranges Shire Birdlife Australia Yarra Valley branch and Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater All The application from Birdslife Yarra Valley received funding to run a free creative workshop with local artist and produce a local birds photo guide for distribution to school children to learn about local wildlife at Lilydale Lake supported via organed talks and walks.
UMS First Aid Upwey Men's Shed Inc. Streeton The application from Upwey Mens Shed received funding to provide a session of learning about First Aid and a kit to remain onsite.
New Horizons Band New Horizons Band All The application from New Horizons Band received funding to support the development of a series of five concerts.
“It Takes a Community to Save a Species” Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater Inc All The application from Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater received funding to run two artt-led workshops that engage children in song writing and recycled sculpture creation related to education around endangered local Helmeted Honeyeater.
Belgrave Kindergarten 50th Birthday Celebration Belgrave Kindergarten Lyster The application from Belgrave preschool received funding to celebrate 50 years of Preschool and their wonderful community. The event aims to create social connections enabling community of all ages to participate in a welcoming and an Inclusive environment. It will be a great way to bring the community together after the lockdown (s) and also the Storm event in the Hills. There consideration made into COVID safe plan and an alternative arrangement in case the event does not go ahead on the planned date. I fully support the funding. Warm whes to the organing committee!
The MFIT Project Staff LGBTQIA+ Training The MFIT Project All The application from the MFIT project received funding to provide training to their staff, facilitated by LGBTQIA+ youth organation Minus18, to help to provide more inclusive spaces as well as an understanding and knowledge of LGBTQIA+ education, for our diverse community of young people.
First aid and cpr traing accreditation Yarra Glen & Dtrict Men's Shed Inc Ryrie The application from Yarra Glen Men's Shed for funds to train and accredit 10 members in first aid and CPR.
Birdsland Soundwalk: Opening Awareness to Sound Peter Mcilwain Lyster The application from Peter Mcilwain received funding to create a Soundwalk project at Birdsland Reserve.
Outer East Indigenous Round Powelltown Football Netball Club O'Shannassy The application from Powelltown Football Netball Club seeks funding to support the design and production of netball uniforms to celebrate the Indigenous round.
Chewsday Bite ADRA Redwood Community Centre O'Shannassy The application from ADRA Community Care Centre received funding for fuel vouchers to enable volunteers to deliver emergency relief food to people in remote areas if the YR experiencing financial dadvantage.
More Than A Book Club - Cultivating connection through our interests More Than A Book Club Lyster The application from "More than a book club" seeks funding to offer women from the hills region an opportunity to come together to connect through an afternoon participating in art-based activities.
Landscaping Montrose Tenn Club Streeton The application from Montrose Tenn Club received funding .
Green Thumbs Galore Cire Services Inc O'Shannassy The project will provide green thumbs, aspiring green thumbs and those simply willing to have a go or wanting to find a new shared interest, with an opportunity to connect through an outdoor activity in an inclusive space and share and learn information.
Free Falls and Balances Lilydale Community House Billanook The application from Lilydale Community House (auspice of the CHAOS Network) received funding to run a 4 week program for older people to help them to strengthen their physical abilities to reduce the risk of falls and loss of balance due to aging.
Essential baby items Inspiro All The program supplying and delivering much needed supplies to new parents who cannot afford basic essentials for their babies.
Inside Anxiety Mr Steven Firman Streeton The application from Mr Steven Fireman received funding to produce the video part of an immersive exhibition at Burrinja st Breathe.‍
The main video shoot will focus on the healing/ meditative space of a dance video projection - FIRE DANCE RAIN.
Let's Dance Victoria Road Primary School Billanook The application from Victoria Road Primary School received funding to hire Melbourne Dance company 'Stomp' to run workshops that teach and engage children in dance, and to perform for the wider community.
Renee Brown All The application from Renee Brown received funding for her daughter Krystal to play local Football for the Outer East Football Junior Club. Th meets the Small Grants Criteria supporting youth to participate in sport and demonstrate a financial need for asstance.
Lilydale Cricket Club Billanook The application from Lilydale Cricket Club seeks funding to purchase an electronic tablet to asst club volunteers with online scoring.
There Used To Be A Canopy Here Cathy Ronalds Lyster The application form artt Cathy Ronalds received funding to engage a local musician to compose music for her original film expressing grief and trauma felt by the community during the June 2021 Storm event.
Friends of Upwey South Reserve Friends of Upwey South Reserve Streeton The application from Friends of Upwey South Reserve received funding to foster indigenous flora and fauna of Upwey South Reserve for the benefit of the community by weeding and planting indigenous species in collaboration with Yarra Ranges Council Bushland Management and their contractors.
The River Folk Sessions: Winter 2022 The River Folk Festival O'Shannassy The application from River Folk Festival received funding to run the River Folk Sessions Winter 2022. The project provides opportunity for local to plan, produce and deliver local live music for the community.
RMAG Rag local newspaper RMAG (Reefton Mcmahons Creek Action Group) O'Shannassy The application from RMAG received funding to create another edition of Rmag (a local newspaper aiming to inform locals about events and activities occurring within the Reefton Mcmahons creek are).
Belgrave Lantern Parade Belgrave Traders Association Lyster The application from Belgrave Traders Association received in kind funding to provide bins for the Belgrave Lantern Festival.
Building of picnic tables and bench seats for children's centre Morron Men's Shed Inc. Chirnside "The application from Morrons Men's Shed to build picnic tables and bench seats for a Cire Learning and living Center Chirnside Park to support their programs.
Lilydale Community Chrtmas Decoration Project Lilydale Township Action Group (LTAG) Billanook The application from Lilydale Township Action Group (LTAG) to make Christmas decorations from recycled materials for the Main St of Lilydale.
Warburton Waterwheel Annual Night Market Warburton Waterwheel Ltd. O'Shannassy The application from Warburton Waterwheel Annual Night Market received funding to provide entertainment and engage local artts to entertain patrons at the market.
Light Up Upwey Upwey Community Group/Project Upwey Streeton The application from Upwey Community Group received funding to deliver the Light Up Upwey project, which will engage traders and the local community.
The Basement Hub - CAP Money Course turningPoint Support Centre Melba The application from turningpoint Support Centre received funding to offer their Chrtians Against Poverty Money course, which will give participants the tools to build a budget and improve their financial well-being.
Wandin Fresh Food Program Yarra Valley Seventh Day Adventt Church, Wandin Billanook The Yarra Valley Seventh Day Adventt Church application in Wandin received funding to cover volunteer costs associated with the delivery of the Wandin Fresh Food Program, in addition to a First Aid Kit for the program.
Foothills Women's Free Market Day Foothills Community Care Inc. Streeton The application from Foothills Community Care Inc. to meet costs associated with a Women's Free Market Day event. The event aims to connect women through a range of inclusive activities including a free market store, cooking demonstrations, and self care activities.
Youth Art Exhibition & Awards YAVA Ryrie The application from Yarra Valley Arts received funding to deliver a series of free art workshops for children to create works for an all-child artt exhibition in the YAVA gallery.
The Parade Garden Jordan Sibley Streeton The application from artt Jordan Sibley received funding to create an installation, in response to the Yarra Ranges storm event, for exhibition at Burrinja.
Replace filters on dust extraction system of the Badger Creek & Dtrict men's Shed wood working workshop and to fund a post-lockdown reopening social event (BBQ). Badger Creek & Dtrict Men's Shed Inc (BC&DMS) Ryrie The application from Badger Creek & Dtrict Men's Shed Inc (BC&DMS) received funding to purchase dust extractors to create a safe workspace for men to do volunteer work and for a post-COVID re-opening event to engage and support social connection.
Digitation of Oral Recordings Lilydale & Dtrict Htorical Society All The application from Lilydale and Dtrict Historical Society received funding to complete the digital conversion of their collection of oral histories of residents. Converting these files will ensure their availability to the community in to the future.
Field our first Women's Cricket team within RDCA Olinda Cricket Club Chandler The application from Olinda Cricket Club received funding to purchase equipment for a women's cricket team to encourage females to join a traditionally male dominated sport.
You've Got Th - Class of 2021 Tasty Az Community Connections Limited All The application from TastyAz received funding to provide a note of appreciation from a senior resident and a small gift of a hand-made bcuit to each student completing Year 12/VCAL in 2021.
Establhing and promoting the Hills Creative Alliance Hills Creative Alliance Streeton The application from Hills Creative Alliance received funding to support the establhment of their community group, through series of meetings and the delivery of a pilot program showcasing the work of three local artists in shop windows or the recovery hubs in the Hills area.
Toddler Play Upgrade The Parents Hub (Blair Gowrie Playgroup Inc) Melba The application from Parents Hub received funding to purchase equipment for activities for babies & toddlers to improve health outcomes whilst encouraging parent engagement. T
Acquition of a Defibrillator Lilydale Agricultural & Horticultural Society Inc Melba The application from Lilydale Agricultural & Horticulture Society Inc. received funding to purchase a defibrillator for community use at the showgrounds. Partial funding equipment purchases are to be capped at $500.00.
Mirrim Ngagu (Deep Ltening) Ceremony with Wurundjeri Elder, Aunty Kim Wandin Earth Heart Foundation O'Shannassy The application from Moora Moora Cooperative Community received funding to offer Mirrim Ngagu (Deep Ltening) Ceremony with Wurundjeri Elder, Aunty Kim Wandin for to promote engagement, participation and greater understanding.
Belgrave South Toy Library Relocation and Relaunch Belgrave South Toy Library Lyster The application from Belgrave South Toy Library seeks funding to reinvigorate the library through new signage and accessible fit-out with storage.
Mooroolbark Urban Harvest swap Mooroolbark Urban Harvest swap All The application from Mooroolbark Urban Harvest swap received funding for in-kind venue hire to cover the cost of the group of 20-30 people meeting to share and exchange home grown produce, plants, seeds, preserves, garden related items.
My Body's Story - Additional Components Cat McKay O'Shannassy The application from Cat McKay seeks funding to deliver a Women's Empowerment Workshop aimed to educate participants about the impacts of violence against women and support them to find their voice.
Selby Folk Club Relaunch Selby Folk Club Lyster The application from Selby Folk Club received funding to relaunch the Selby Folk Club monthly sessions and engage musicians to perform for the local community.
WHYLD Newsletter WHYLD Community Group O'Shannassy The application from WHYLD received funding to create their newsletter in 2022 to connect with people about events in the region.
Satellite Hot spot Monbulk Emergency Management Group Chandler The application from Monbulk Emergency management Group received funding to maintain their Satellite Hot Spot devices to enable them to respond to emergency situations.
BELGRAVE SURVIVAL DAY 2022 BELGRAVE SURVIVAL DAY COMMITTEE All The application from Belgrave Survival Day 2022 received in-kind funding for Yarra Ranges Council to provide waste bins for up to 3000 pax for the event on the 26 January 2022.