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The FOGO (food and garden organics) service provides non-household customers with the opportunity to place garden clippings and food scraps including meat and bones into the FOGO bin instead of the rubbish bin.

Your service now includes a three-bin service - FOGO, Recycling and Rubbish.

The collection frequency and days for our non-household customers has changed to align with our residential collection schedule.

  • Your FOGO bin collected once per week.
  • Your rubbish bin collected once per fortnight.
  • Your recycling bin collected once per fortnight.

Find your waste collection dates.

If you find your business or organisation produces more FOGO, recycling or landfill waste before your collection day, you can order an additional bin, at an extra charge.

To do so, please complete the online request Order an additional bin.

Please note: These changes are part of our Council adopted Community Waste and Resource Recovery Plan 2023 and support the Victorian State Government Circular Economy Policy The changes apply to all properties, including businesses and community organisations, that currently use Council’s waste and recycling services.

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If Council’s kerbside waste and recycling service no longer meet your businesses’ needs, you may opt-out of your collection service and engage a private waste collection provider instead.

If you choose to cancel your kerbside service, all Council kerbside bins will be removed from your property and waste service charges will be removed from your Rates notice.

To cancel a waste service or contact our customer experience team on 1300 368 333



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