Council's Municipal Recovery Plan

Tree and debris

Council approved the Final Municipal Recovery Plan(PDF, 2MB) at the December 2022 meeting as staff from the June 2021 Storm Recovery Directorate moved back into Council’s standard business structure. 

There is also a web version of the Final Municipal Recovery Plan.

The Recovery Directorate was specifically set-up to assist with the impacts of the June 2021 storm supporting the people and local communities as well as assisting with the physical damage. 

The experience from the 2009 bushfires, as detailed in the ’10 Years Beyond Bushfires Report’, is that a proportion of the community most impacted by the disaster were still recovering up to 10 years after the event occurred.  

As such, it is acknowledged by Yarra Ranges Council that we are moving into a new phase in recovery that is more focussed on resilience for most. Much of the immediate response can wind back without negatively impacting residents, but some ongoing support will be sought in response to the June 2021 storm event over the medium to longer term. 

There were three versions of the Municipal Recovery Plan as it progressed through the initial recovery phase:

Municipal Recovery Plan 2021(PDF, 34MB) 

Municipal Recovery Plan (April 2022)(DOCX, 6MB)

The disastrous June 2021 Storm resulted in:

  • 79 properties destroyed
  • more than 1,000 homes and business extensively impacted by storm debris
  • almost 5,000 properties impacted by flood
  • more than 3,000 homes without power and internet for more than month
  • a conservative estimate of 25,000 fallen trees across the region
  • 34 communities lost NBN/internet service and were unable to call 000 for assistance
  • extensive damage to roads
  • 3,157 drainage/tree related requests for assistance from the community. 

The Yarra Ranges Council Municipal Recovery Plan outlined the preferred model for recovery for the region, however, Yarra Ranges Council had support from the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments.