Two years after the June 2021 storm

Insurance issues are still a major concern for Yarra Ranges residents since they were hit by the worst storm in the region’s history two years ago. 

Overnight on 9-10 June 2021, almost 200 properties were damaged, 81 were uninhabitable, tens of thousands of trees fell, blocking roads and bringing down telephone and powers lines and left thousands without heating and phone or internet connection for weeks. 

Of those damaged properties, 13 were totally demolished and while some have got planning permits, none have been rebuilt. 

Yarra Ranges Mayor Cr Jim Child said staff from Council’s Emergency Management Team continue to work closely with the community, offering a variety of events, advice or connections to a range of support services. 

This video from Dr Rob Gordon talks about how anniversaries and reminders of disaster events can evoke powerful memories and feelings that are very personal.

Often the anticipation of an anniversary is more difficult and painful than the day itself. Some people may attend community memorials, others will choose to spend time with family and friends. For others it may be important to spend the day alone.