What is a Significant Landscape Overlay?


This is general advice and may not apply specifically to your property. For more detailed information on your personal circumstances please contact the Rebuilding Planning Team (Storm Recovery) on 9294 6999.

The landscape of the Dandenong Ranges is something that attracts many people to live in this beautiful area and therefore Council has measures in place to protect this.

A Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO) applies to many properties in the Hills area and helps to protect and manage our significant landscapes.

The SLO means that you require a permit to construct a building or construct or carry out works, construct a fence, and remove, destroy or lop any vegetation. 

Vegetation management and bushfire risk

The state government’s 10/30 right allows you to clear vegetation around your home for bushfire protection without a planning permit if your property is located in a Bushfire Prone area.

All trees within 10 metres of your house and vegetation within 30 metres of your house can be removed so long as:

  • Your house was built before 10 September 2009, or;
  • A permit for its construction was issued before 10 September 2009

Council has more details on the 10/30 right and how to find out if this applies to your property.