How to submit your planning application

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1. Overview

This is general advice and may not apply specifically to your property. For more detailed information on your personal circumstances please contact the Rebuilding Planning Team (Storm Recovery) on 9294 6999.

Planning permit fees for properties damaged or destroyed during the June 2021 storm have been waived.

In most cases, your rebuild will require a planning permit.

Before submitting your application:

  • Take photographs of your site and surrounding area, including neighbouring properties. Think about what the opportunities and constraints are on your site? At this early stage, it is also worthwhile talking to your neighbours to find out what they value about their property and why.
  • Have a pre-application meeting with Council, call 9294 6999 to make an appointment.  We can discuss the initial information you have already gathered about your site and any thoughts on what you want to do. This will help determine what approvals are needed and whether you will need to seek professional assistance to prepare your application and supporting paperwork.
  • Talk to your neighbours before finalising your plans. If they are unhappy with an aspect of your proposal, you may be able to reach a compromise.
  •  We can let you know if your application is on the right track at any time during the planning process and discuss any potential issues or areas of concern.

2. Need further help?

The Rebuild Planning team can also assist with engaging a planning consultant to support you. Planning consultants can help with pre-application discussions, the planning permit application process and lodging planning permit applications, including supporting paperwork.

3. Application checklist

This is a general checklist and depending on the nature of the application additional information may be requested. For residents rebuilding after the June 2021 storm there is no planning permit fee.

  • An application should contain at least the following:
  • A covering letter explaining your proposal
  • Completed application form
  • Recent Copy of Title (no older than 100 days)
  • Site Survey (showing contours, site features, location of structures and vegetation close to the boundary on adjoining land, land features between the site and the road, etc.)
  • A design response or explanation of the proposed use??
  • Site Development Plan, including layout of development and access from road, site contours, building setbacks, driveways and hard surface areas
  • Technical reports, for example: -
  • Bushfire Management Report
  • Geotechnical report
  • Land Capability Assessment
  • Arborist report
  • A plan drawn to scale (1:100 or 1:200) and fully dimensioned
  • Plans must show the site, floor layout and elevations, clearly showing building height above natural ground level and floor/roof levels that relate to the site contours
  • Details of proposed external building materials and colours
  • Applications should show clear links between the site context plan, the design response and the development proposal.

Once you are ready either you, or your representative can apply online.