Erosion Management Overlay Review

House impacted by erosion

Council has appointed Golders to undertake an updated technical review of landslip risks across its municipality as work towards a review of the Erosion Management Overlay begins. 

The technical review has been made possible thanks to funding from the National Recovery and Resilience Agency’s Preparing Australian Communities Program Council.

The report will examine erosion across the whole municipality and provide Council with updated information on landslide risk susceptibility, tolerable risk criteria and other aspects of the current Erosion Management Overlay.  

It will also include an assessment on the impact of flooding and bushfire on landslide susceptibility along with the implications of climate change.  

The review of an overlay is a lengthy process which involves community consultation and approval from the State Government and sometimes, Subject Matter Experts.

Below is a rough timeline of the review process - the dates are subject to change due to involving other levels of government.

With Planning Panel EMO timeline.png