What if I have an Environmental Significance Overlay on my property?

The Environmental Significance Overlay - Schedule 2 (ESO2) is a planning control that seeks to improve the quality and quantity of stormwater entering the Little Stringybark Creek, and in so doing, improve the ecological health of the creek.

If your property is affected by the ESO2, a planning permit is required for any building or paving that creates impervious surfaces (surfaces water cannot soak into) of over 10 square metres.

This will typically require you to create some form of storm water detention on your land, such as a water tank or rain garden, to ensure water is released more slowly into the environment than would occur via the drainage system.

How do I know what parts of my land are affected?

You can view and download a free planning map that outlines the zones and overlays that apply to your property on the Vicplan website. Visit Vicplan website

What do I need to provide with my planning application?

  • A completed Melbourne Water approved Stormwater Treatment Plan (STP) to be submitted with the application. 
  • Melbourne Water approval letter

Need assistance with your Stormwater Treatment Plan (STP)?

To request a site visit from a recognised Stormwater Treatment Assessor and assistance in preparing the Stormwater Treatment Plan, you must complete the Stormwater Treatment Assessment application form(PDF, 410KB) and submit it to Melbourne Water's Land Development Team, with an appropriate site plan attached. If you have any questions relating to the an application for Stormwater Treatment Assessment, please contact Melbourne Water's Land Development Team on 9679 7517.