Step by step guide to applying online

View our video on how to apply for a planning permit or refer to the instructions below.

Login or Register

  1. Register as a user on eplanning by entering your own email address and password and click register
  2. Complete the details and click register again.

Create a new application

  1. Type your own reference number in the box provided
  2. Select from the three options:
  • New Application
  • Amend a planning permit (Section 72 amendment or Secondary consent)
  • Change an application in progress (Section 50 & 57A - a decision has not been made)
  • New VicSmart Application

Complete the online form

Address - type in the street number and street name (eg.15 Anderson Street), wait for the system to load, then choose from the drop down list of addresses by clicking on the correct address. If there are no matches type the street name only (eg. Anderson Street), wait for the system to load, choose from the drop down list of addresses by clicking on the correct address. Click "Next" to go to the next page. 

Need to add a second address -  if your works are on more than one property click "Add another property" after you have selected the first property from the drop down.

Proposal details -

  1. tick the box that describes what you would like to do
  2. enter a brief description of what you are proposing to do
  3. enter the estimated cost of the works (if you are proposing subdivision only the cost of works should be "0")
  4. click the arrow and choose the best description for what is currently on the property (eg. House)
  5. click Yes, No or Unknown for breach of any encumbrances on the title
  6. click Yes or No, if you have had a formal (booked) pre-application meeting. If yes, you will need to include the PA number (eg. PA2018/1)
  7. Click "Next" to go to the next page

Add documents -

You will need to Attach all relevant documents such as All title documents, Set of plans, Bushfire Management statement, Arborist Report, Geotechnical Declaration, Geotechnical Assessment. 

If you are lodging a VicSmart application please make sure you have included all documents required on the VicSmart checklist for the application type.

Upload your title and set of plans 

  1. click "Choose file" to select the document you want to upload
  2. click SAVE Icon (disc) to save this document to the application

You can choose other document names (eg. Bushfire management statement) from the drop down

Below supporting documents there is a box:

  1. click the Arrow and choose your document name from the list
  2. click "Choose file" to select the document from your computer 
  3. click SAVE Icon (disc) to save this document to the application
  4. then go to the arrow to select the next document name and so on
  5. once all documents are uploaded click "Next" to go to the next page

Add contact details -

  1. Contact person will auto fill as the person who has registered, if this is incorrect choose "Contact"  from the drop down at the bottom of the page and then  "+" then enter the correct contact persons details and click "Save", once you have both contacts on the page click the x on the contact you wish to remove (the contact person is the person who will be liaising with the planner during the application, all emails and correspondence will be forwarded to the Contact person)
  2. Applicant, click "+" and enter the details and click "save"
  3. Owner, click "+" and enter the details and click "save"
  4. Once all persons are entered click "Next" to go to the next page

Note: You can copy a persons details by clicking arrow in "Copy to" and choosing another option type from the drop down.

Review & Submit -

  1. review your form and check all document have saved
  2. read the declaration
  3. tick the box to accept the terms and conditions
  4. click Submit

Note: to go back a step at any time click the "Prev" button this will take you to the previous page.

View your dashboard

You will now have a dashboard that will show you:

  • New/incomplete Applications
  • Applications submitted
  • Applications accepted

Note: To add to an incomplete application, open incomplete application in the dashboard and click "Review" (on the right)

You can log in to your dashboard at anytime to see where your applications are sitting.