Apply for a storage container permit

If you intend to place a storage container on any Council land or public place, you must obtain a permit. Apply via the method listed below.


Step 1.Review our permit conditions

The Storage Container site must be safe and provide convenient access to members of the general public.

The Storage Container must have:

  • Reflective marking tape at the ends and sides of the container to ensure the container is visible at all times.
  • Hazard lights placed on the corners of the container nearest to traffic between the hours of sunset and sunrise.

Materials in the Storage Container must not rot or cause offensive odours.

Storage containers must be removed by the end of the day the permit expires.

Step 2.Prepare your documents

Ensure you have a current Public Liability Insurance Policy for at least $10 million.

Have a photo of the location ready to upload (optional).

Have a photo or the details of the Storage Container ready to upload.

Step 3.Complete the online application

 Apply online