Plans to include with your application

To avoid delays, please make sure your application is submitted with the right information.

Your set of plans should be drawn to scale (1:100 or 1:200) and include:

Site Plan

Plan/s must include:

  • property boundaries and dimensions
  • all existing buildings (named existing)
  • driveway
  • trees within 10 metres of proposed works (including trees on neighbouring properties)
  • clearly mark proposed building or works
  • distances of proposed buildings between existing buildings and boundaries
  • effluent area (if applicable)
  • location and dimensions of any easements/restrictions (eg. Buildings exclusion zones)
  • location and dimensions of any existing and proposed crossovers


Elevation plan

Plan/s must include:

  • heights and widths of windows
  • heights and widths of doors
  • slope of the land
  • north, south, east and west elevations
  • colour and material schedule
  • cut or fill
  • overall building height.

Floor plan

Plan/s must include:

  • floor area for each level
  • finished floor levels
  • room/area names
  • external openings
  • overall building dimensions
  • glazing to prevent overlooking.

In some cases other plans may be required. We'll let you know if additional information is required. 

Sample plans