Native Vegetation

Addressing impacts to native vegetation

Do I need to provide this information with my planning application?

YES - If your property size is over 4000 square metres and your proposal will directly or indirectly impact on native vegetation, you will most likely need to apply for a planning permit and you will need to provide the information as specified below.

Examples of indirect impacts on native vegetation include encroachment into the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) of a native tree, native vegetation around dwellings and impacts of the development on native vegetation, such as effluent discharge, storm water runoff or defendable space requirements.

NO - If your property size is less than 4000 square metres you will not be required to provide the information as specified below.

Always check with a planner if unsure of the requirements and exemptions that apply to the applicable Zoning and Overlays.


How to address Clause 52.17 Native vegetation removal regulations

Native vegetation in Victoria is protected under State legislation; removal of any native vegetation including trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses must be avoided or minimized as far as possible.

If native vegetation is proposed to be removed, destroyed or lopped (which can include indirect impacts) as a result of the proposal, it will need to be assessed.

The assessment must address the State Guidelines for the removal, destruction or lopping of native vegetation.

All applications must include the requirements listed in Table 4 on page 20/21 of the Guidelines, as applicable.

Applications in the Detailed Assessment Pathway must additionally include the requirements listed in Table 5 on page 22 of the Guidelines, as applicable.

Providing a Natïve Vegetation Removal Report  (NVR) will satisfy the majority of these requirements. This report can be completed via the Native Information Management (NVIM) tool.

Any unavoidable native vegetation impacts associated with an approval proposal will be required to secure a biodiversity "offset", a strategy of how to provide offsets will need to be included as part of the application.

While not a strict requirement for planning applications in the Basic and Intermediate assessment pathway, council strongly recommends to employ a qualified Ecological Consultant to undertake this work on your behalf.

The Applicant's Guide assists applicants to prepare an application and describes how to meet the application requirements.

Further information on the Native vegetation removal regulations, including information about biodiversity offsets can be found at Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (Native Vegetation).

If you require further information or a list of ecological consultants, please contact our environment department on 1300 368 333 or 9294 6905.