Biodiversity Offset Program

What is a Biodiversity Offset Program?

Biodiversity offsets or native vegetation offsets compensate for losses as a result of the removal of native vegetation.  Offsets are the management and protection of native vegetation to increase biodiversity values to counteract native vegetation removal.

Throughout Victoria (Victorian Planning Provisions Clause 52.17) a planning permit is required to remove, destroy or lop native vegetation and subsequently a native vegetation offset is generally required as a condition of these permits.

Offsets can sometimes be achieved on your property (known as First Party Offsets). When it is not possible to offset on-site a ‘Third Party Offset’ can be purchased from other offset owners.

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Yarra Ranges Biodiversity Offset Program

The Yarra Ranges Biodiversity Offset Program has native vegetation offsets available for purchase from within the Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority.

There are clear advantages to using the Yarra Ranges Biodiversity Offset Program:

  • Local credits –  benefits the Yarra Ranges flora and fauna
  • Fast turnaround (a quote within 2 working days)
  • Information and advice (provided by Council staff who know the area)

How Much Does an Offset Cost?

Yarra Ranges Council has a Biodiversity Offset Program that trades offsets at a fixed unit price. This price has been developed from a costing model which identifies all the costs associated with the establishment and management of the offset site. It also takes into consideration current market values. The current price for offsets through the Yarra Ranges Biodiversity Offsets Program is (subject to availability);

  • $135,000 per General Habitat Unit (excluding GST)
  • $146,000 per Species Habitat Unit (excluding GST)

Native vegetation offsets purchased through the Yarra Ranges Biodiversity Offset Program represent official vegetation credits that are registered on the State Native Vegetation Credit Register.

Where Do Your Offset Funds Go?

The Yarra Ranges Biodiversity Offset Program protects and enhances native vegetation and fauna habitat on 70ha of private land located within the Yarra Ranges.  Works include ongoing weed and pest animal control, as well as further enhancement through revegetation. Offset credits are currently available from four sites located in Montrose, Emerald, Monbulk and Healesville.

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If you would like information or want to discuss your options to meet your offset permit conditions call the Yarra Ranges Biodiversity Offsets Officer on ‎1300 368 333,  email us or complete the offset quote form.

Read more about the biodiversity offset program or refer to this fact sheet comparing first and third party offset sites.