Localised planning statement

The Minister for Planning has approved the Yarra Ranges’ Localised Planning Statement which was adopted by Council on 27 June 2017.


The Minister for Planning introduced changes to the State Planning Policy Framework in August 2014 which required Yarra Ranges Council to prepare a Localised Planning Statement. 

Yarra Ranges is one of four municipalities to prepare a Localised Planning Statement – other areas include Mornington Peninsula, Macedon Ranges and the Bellarine Peninsula. View further information on localized planning statements.

Yarra Ranges is highly significant to the broader Victorian Community for its biodiversity assets, landscapes, agricultural resources, water catchment and tourism opportunities.  

Recognising the unique contribution made by the municipality, the State Government has requested Council prepare a draft Localised Planning Statement (LPS) to set out the long term planning policies and priorities for the Region.

The Statement will be used as a benchmark for the review of any proposed changes to planning policy in Yarra Ranges (Planning Scheme). The document will become a reference document to the Planning Scheme and ensure the Region’s attributes are appropriately planned for and managed.

For further information please contact Claudette Fahy on 9294 6422.