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STRONGLY OPPOSED to C146 proposed Intensive Animal farming in green wedge areas! I moved into the Yarra Valley 15 years ago and can;'t say I'm impressed at all in the way the valley is heading. It's come from a pristine area well known for general farming, wineries and tourism. It's slowly but surely turning into an intensive agriculture eyesore. Acres upon acres of black plastic and strawberry farms, white plastic hot houses, permanent white bird netting everywhere and now you want to rezone green wedge areas into intensive animal farming. Not to mention chemical and waste pollution, concentrated smells and an eyesore from infrastructure ....No Thanks!

SAM | 19 May 2015 02:01 PM | Report to moderator

Be the person who you needed when you were younger

Ella | 30 October 2017 11:18 PM | Report to moderator

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