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Trees & vegetation

Managing Trees

What Council does

Council arborists carry out safety inspections of trees in areas deemed higher risk such as around parks and buildings and along road sides. VicRoads inspects some of the major roads.

You can contact us to request an inspection on roadsides and Council land.

Trees that pose an immediate risk to public safety are the highest priority and are inspected immediately or within 24 hours. Other less urgent requests are assessed within 7 days.

Following inspection, trees may need to be removed or pruned. Some may not require any work.

We also rely on your eyes.

What can you do?

Please call Council on 1300 368 333 if you are concerned about a tree, for example if you notice:

  • Broken branches which are likely to fall on to the road, footpath or driveway,
  • Trees which are suddenly leaning, have recent cracks in the soil or have roots coming out of the ground,
  • Trees with recent cracks and splits through the trunk.
  • Fallen trees on public land.

If you notice any sudden changes or deterioration in a tree’s condition, please call us on 1300 368 333

You can also lodge a request online.

Trees on private property

You need to manage trees on your own land. You may need a permit to remove trees. Read more about your responsibilities here. You can contact us on 1300 368 333 for advice if you are concerned about a tree on your land.

Trees on neighbours properties

Talk to your neighbours first if you are concerned about a tree on their property.

We cannot inspect trees on your neighbour's property unless we have their written permission. They need to fill out and sign an assessment form. The fee is $200 for the first tree inspected and $87 for each additional tree.

We will send an arborist report to your neighbour and to you if they agree.

You have the right to prune an overhanging tree to the boundary fence line. You do not have the right to enter their property without permission.

More information on your rights and responsibilities is available from the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.

Street tree trimming

Council is responsible for maintaining clearance space around some powerlines but SP Ausnet will clear trees from powerlines as needed. Contact SP Ausnet for more information. If a tree is causing issues with an overhead phone line, contact Telstra or Optus directly.

Street tree planting

If a street tree has died or has been removed please let us know so we can replace it in Autumn.

Tree species will be in keeping with existing street trees in the area. New trees will be semi-mature and about one metre in height.

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