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Sustainable home

Here are some ways we can support you to live greener at home.

Home Design and Renovation

Correct planning and design when building or renovating your home can reduce your running cost, while utilising the right materials and fit out helps to make your home more sustainable. Our Good Home Design guide (PDF, 9MB) has some great ideas for reducing your homes running costs and minimising it's environmental impact.

Sustainable Living

Try the simple tips in our Switch and Save brochure (PDF, 798KB) to take control of your power bills. Another great resource for reducing your energy bill is the Switch On website.

The state government offers rebates on a variety of sustainble home features, to find out more visit Sustainability Victoria

Water Harvesting

Installing a rainwater tank in your garden is an excellent way in reducing the amount of water you use from our catchments. Tanks are available in various shapes and sizes.

Rebates are available of a variety of water saving devices like rainwater tanks, 5* water (WELS) rated washing machines, pool covers and showerheads. Visit the DEPI website for more information.