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Sustainable garden

Creating the perfect sustainable garden is easy with these tips and tricks.

Gardens for wildlife

Attracting native animals to your garden can assist in keeping animal populations viable and in pest control by attracting insect predators. All you have to do is provide your garden visitors with natural sources of food, water and shelter. For more information on giving animals and insects a healthy habitat see our Urban Backyards Action Sheet (PDF, 1MB).

Productive gardening

For tips on how to plant a sustainable garden see our Sustainable Gardening booklet (PDF, 5MB).

Rain gardens

A raingarden is a water saving garden that is designed specifically to capture stormwater from hard surfaces such as roads, carparks and roofs. Plants in raingardens help to further filter out pollution that would otherwise end up in our rivers and creeks.


Households can reduce their garbage by as much as 25% by composting see our Waste guide (PDF, 1MB) for more information.

Managing vegetation around your home

Protection and regeneration of indigenous vegetation and protection of the fauna it supports is critical to maintain current and future populations. For more information on how you can protect and enhance the habitat on your property see the Habitat Management on your property Action Sheet (PDF, 2MB).


To protect and enhance the habitats of plants and animals it is neccessary to reduce the impact and threats of weeds. To find out how you can get a free tipping voucher and more weed information visit our weeds page.