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Sustainable design assessment

The following fact sheets outline the 10 key sustainable building categories to support Sustainable Design Assessment in the planning process.

They provide detailed advice on sustainable building design that should be considered at the planning stage, which is useful whether you are working on a small renovation or a large development.

  1. Indoor Environment Quality (PDF, 138KB)
  2. Energy Efficiency (PDF, 268KB) and Sunshading (PDF, 593KB) (2.1)
  3. Water Efficiency (PDF, 217KB)
  4. Stormwater Management (PDF, 554KB) and Site Permeability (PDF, 262KB) (4.1)
  5. Building Materials (PDF, 261KB)
  6. Transport (PDF, 419KB)
  7. Waste Management (PDF, 276KB)
  8. Urban Ecology (PDF, 528KB) and Green Roofs, Walls and Facades (PDF, 2MB) (8.1)
  9. Innovation (PDF, 201KB) and Melbourne's Climate (PDF, 484KB) (9.2)
  10. Construction and Building Management (PDF, 128KB)

If you are interested in learning about sustainable design, view the following factsheets


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