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Hard waste, bundled branches and metals collection

When is my collection date?

Waste collection dates vary from property to property. To find your waste collection date, click the button below and enter your address into the "What's happening in my neighbourhood" page.

Find your waste collection date

Materials for hard waste collection must be placed on the nature strip by the Sunday evening prior to the start of your collection week. Late materials will not be collected. 

Every residential property in Yarra Ranges has one annual hard waste collection. Before considering items for hard waste, consider offering usable items to charity or advertise them online.


What if my collection is missed?

Contact us on  1300 368 333 within one week of your collection date for further investigation. 


What can I put out for collection?

Hard waste (max. 3 cubic metres) 

  • Household items, mattresses and furniture items
  • Up to 10 pieces of timber (not fencing)
  • Window glass, mirrors and shower screens (securely wrapped and marked glass)
  • TV's, computers and electronic equipment

Metals (unlimited - max 1.5m in length and 50kg for each item)

  • Metals, whitegoods and equipment (fridge doors removed)

Branches (max. 3 cubic metres)

  • Up to 20 bundles of branches (up to 3 cubic metres). Maximum of 1.5m long and 200mm diameter
  • Tree limbs (75mm200mm diameter). Straight clean logs with side branches removed. Maximum 1.5m long.
  • Branches (up to 75mm diameter) tied with non-plastic string. Maximum 1.5m long.  

What will not be collected? 

  • Bricks, rubble, excavated material, concrete, soil or earth, building, renovation or demolition material, cement sheeting
  • Bamboo, creepers, vines, palm trees, soft plants, rose bushes, thorny plants, weeds, grass clippings or leaves
  • Untied branches or branches tied with plastic twine, stockings or wire
  • Barbed wire
  • Branches containing nails or wire
  • Batteries, car tyres, trucks or tractor tyres, suspension springs or engines
  • Stumps or roots
  • Tree limbs larger than 200mm in diameter or more than 1.5m long
  • Tree limbs (thicker than 75mm and up to 200mm diameter) with side branches attached
  • Broken glass (unless wrapped)
  • Chemicals, liquids, paints, oil, fluids, asbestos or hazardous materials
  • Industrial, business or commercial waste
  • Household garbage, recyclables or polystyrene
  • Gas cylinders, fuel tanks or water tanks
  • Loose garden organic material in boxes, bags, containers or bins
  • Lino
  • Hard waste from vacant blocks 
  • Asbestos (find out what to do with asbestos)


What gets recycled from hard waste collections?

Council recycles the following material from hard waste collections:

  • Bundled branches
  • Metals
  • E-waste (appliances, electronics, TVs, etc)
  • Metal springs from mattresses

Hard waste is taken to a waste transfer station and sorted for recyclable materials, with other material sent to landfill.

We are working with the industry to increase the kinds of items that can be recovered and recycled through this service.

Council always encourages residents to consider offering acceptable reusable material or items to charities or for free through social media channels, such as local noticeboard pages, before they consider putting it out for hard waste collection.

Doing this where possible will reduce the amount of material that ends up in landfill.


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