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Unsealed road maintenance

We maintain more than 750 kilometres of unsealed roads. 

Unsealed roads are maintained between two to six times a year depending on the level of traffic, weather and local conditions.

Find out more about how we manage and maintain roads:

Report a hazard

You can report any hazard online  or call 1300 368 333

Report an unsealed road issue 


Private Roads/ Shared Access Driveways

Council does not maintain privately owned roads, driveway accesses (including driveway culverts/pipes) or carriageway easements.


Grading program / Dust Suppression.


Weather conditions

All works may be delayed due to weather conditions or external factors. When storm events or heavy rain occurs, the works schedule may be altered. Updates will be posted onlnine. 
The dust suppression treatment can also be affected by these weather events.

Due to a large Storm in November 2018 some delays to the current grading program will be noticed.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

I noticed there are spoils left on the side of the road after grading, what happens with this?

Through the grading process, spoils such as larger rocks, branches, bark and similar material are cut and pushed to the roadside in piles. These spoils will be removed at a later date as they cannot be included into the road surface.

Does the road need a settling time after grading?

Some residents have inquired about the surface of an unsealed road just after it has been graded. Due to the need to add water to aid compaction, the surface will need several days to dry & bind the materials. Caution is required by residents and visitors travelling on these roads as much as would be expected on any wet surface.

Can I apply for our unsealed road to be sealed?

View here for more information from our Special Charges Schemes - Infrastructure Improvements

Further questions can be addressed by calling Council on 1300 368 333



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