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Stormwater drainage information

Stormwater drains

Rainfall that runs off roofs, roads and other hard surfaces is collected by the stormwater drainage system.

The stormwater drainage system is primarily a network of pipes and pits of which some are owned by individual property owners, Council and Melbourne Water.

Which stormwater drains belong to who? 

Property owner: responsible for all stormwater drainage within their property and the section of stormwater drain from the property to the approved point of discharge.

Approved point of discharge: the point where private drainage connects into the responsible authority’s drainage system, usually Council (otherwise VicRoads or Melbourne Water).

Council:  responsible for Council pipes and pits located within drainage easements, road reserves and the kerb and channel, excluding house connections in the road reserve.

Melbourne Water: responsible for large-scale pipes and pits, creeks, rivers and other large-scale stormwater infrastructure. 




Who is responsible for stormwater runoff from my neighbour's into my property?

Flooding or water flow issues between adjoining properties are to be resolved between the private property owners involved. 

Reporting an issue with a Council stormwater drain: pipe or pit

To report an issue with Council’s stormwater system: drain, pipe, pit, etc., 


Attention to the ‘Stormwater Engineering Team’.

Need help identifying the type of drain? View information on drain types.

Easement - drainage

What is a drainage easement?

A drainage easement is an area of land, or part of a lot reserved by law, and shown on title for the specific purpose of drainage services such as Council’s stormwater drainage.




What is an implied easement?

An implied easement is land not shown in an easement on Title that contains a Council stormwater drain. 

Is there an easement on my property?

To locate easements on your property refer to the Title of the property. A copy of the Title can be ordered from

To request the location of Council stormwater pipes and pits, please email and attention to the ‘Stormwater Engineering Team’.

Can I build over easement?

No structure is to be built over a drainage easement without prior building approval from Council and Yarra Valley Water.

Complete our online building over easement form and we will contact you to discuss your proposal.


Groundwater and seepage are considered natural occurrences and the property owner is responsible for making provisions to manage this water. Groundwater is not to be discharged into Council’s stormwater system.

Sewerage System

For all queries regarding sewerage / wastewater contact Yarra Valley Water on 13 27 62 or South East Water on 13 28 12. Wastewater from hand basins, sinks, showers, baths, laundries, toilets and swimming pools should be connected into the sewage system. 

Water mains

Please contact Yarra Valley Water  on 132 762 or South East Water on 13 28 12 for issues relating to water supply or burst water mains.

Locating pipes and other services

For information on underground pipes, cables and other public authority assets, call Dial Before You Dig on 1100 or visit Council does not keep records of private or domestic drains on a property.