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Roads & sign maintenance contract performance monitoring

Contract monitoring process

Random surveillance audits of contract works are undertaken each month by council supervisory staff to assess the quality of work compared to the requirements set out in the contract documents.

Audits of unsealed road grading, sealed road works, signage and sweeping etc. are carried out on a regular basis.

Audits are also undertaken on a monthly basis by an Infrastructure Services Executive Officer, who is independent of the contract, to assess the quality of workmanship and compliance with OH&S requirements. These audits are discussed at the monthly contract meeting between contractor and council staff. All activities included in the contract are audited on a rotational basis.

The contractor also undertakes audits of their own staff and sub-contractors and the results of these audits are also discussed at the monthly contract meeting.

Roads Performance

Graph of Year 5 grading completion timeframe


Graph of Year 6 grading completion timeframe


Signs Performance

Sign replacement combined KPI