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Dust suppressant

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What is Dust suppressant

Dust suppressant is environmentally friendly magnesium brine solution, that acts as a stabiliser and binds the road surface, helping to minimise dust.

The solution is produced in Australia in accordance with accredited manufacturing practices and under a strict quality system, solar evaporation methods are completely natural using the sun and wind.

The dust suppressant product is estimated to be effective for a period of 8 weeks, this is dependent on weather and other road conditions.

How is the Dust Suppressant solution applied to the road?

  • The Dust Suppressant Application follows the grading program
  • First truck applies water, this assists with the Dust Suppressant solution binding and adhering to the unsealed surface of the road.
  • Second truck contains the Dust Suppressant solution.

What roads do we treat?

Due to budget constraints, the list of roads included for treatment is set by Council additional roads cannot be added .Residents can apply for the 'Resident funded dust suppressant program' see below.

We treat more than 200 km of unsealed roads each year. The dust suppressant treatment is applied in conjunction with programmed maintenance grading of roads, which occurs from November through to January. Only one treatment is applied per year for the roads listed. 

View the list of roads included in the 2018/19 Dust Suppressant Program. (XLSX, 24KB)

Resident Funded Dust Suppressant

The Resident Funded Dust Suppressant program is now closed for 2018

Please Note: We do not treat privately owned roads, driveways accesses or carriageway easements.

  • Residents can apply and pay to have dust suppressant applied to their road if their road is not on Council's dust suppressant list.
  • To be included in the program, applications and payment must be made by the due date.
  • Dust suppressant can only be applied once, and no refunds are able to be given.


Applications are open from October to November each year

Please note: The minimum length you may apply for is 100m

Each year the price is negotiated and set for the cost of application.

2019/20 Resident funded Dust Suppressant application costs will be posted on this page prior to the opening date in October 2019.


How can residents apply within the selected months?

  • An online form will be made available on this web page at the start of October 2019.
  • Alternatively you may wish to download the current 2019/20 'resident funded application for dust suppressant' fill this out at either a Council Hub or at our main office building at 15 Anderson street Lilydale.
  • This downloadable application will also be made available on this web page prior to October 2019. 

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