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Rate revenue is crucial to ensure we can continue to maintain our existing assets, build new community infrastructure and provide more than 120 services to our community.

The average rate increase for 2016-17 will be 2.5 per cent in line with the State Government’s rate capping policy.

Learn about how rates are calculated, rate revenue, rate rises, rate capping, and property revaluations below.

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  • Rate increases

    Rate increases

    Rate revenue is crucial to ensure we can continue to maintain our existing assets, build new community infrastructure and provide more than 120 services to our community.

    The average rate increase for 2016-17 will be 2.5 per cent in line with the State Government’s rate capping policy.

    Why have my rates gone up by more than 2.5%?

    Residents may experience a rate increase that is greater than 2.5 per cent as a result of 2016-17 being a revaluation year. If your property has gone up in value by more than the average valuation increase (9.45%) across the municipality, then your rates will increase by more than 2.5 per cent.

    Council uses property valuations to determine how much each ratepayer will pay in rates. Accurate valuations of properties are a critical means of ensuring that property owners pay a fair share of rates. Every two years Council has a statutory requirement to conduct a review of property values based on market movements and recent sales trends as at 1 January that year.

    Total Capital Improved Value (CIV) of property in a municipality is used as the base against which Council declares its rate in the dollar.

    Yarra Ranges suburbs which experienced a rate rise above 2.5%

  • Revaluations


    Yarra Ranges revaluations and rates explained

    Council does not generate extra revenue as property values increase or are revalued.

    Increased property values do not increase the amount of rates collected but redistributes the amount paid between individual properties.

    For more information on property valuations, visit our Property valuations page

    How are rates calculated?

    Rates are a property tax based on property valuations. Your general rate charge is based on the CIV of your property and the rate in the dollar declared.

    Average property value increases across nine Yarra Ranges suburbs

  • Pay early & win

    Pay early & win

    Rate notices will hit your mailbox in late August.

    This year, residents have the chance to be rewarded for paying their rates in full by 5pm on 30 September, 2016.

    Those paying in full by this date can go into the draw to win a scenic hot-air balloon ride over the Yarra Valley, as well as four other wonderful prizes. The winners will be drawn on 21 October.

    Find out how to enter and win

    Find out how to pay your rates


  • How rate capping works

    How rate capping works

    Watch the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) video, which explains how rate capping works.


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22 comment(s) so far...

please please council help us out the elderly in the yarra ranger=es we live on pension only paying the rates is a great burdenfor us elderly sure council kendo something we live ina small flat in yarra glen and pay 1200 dollar rates or near this is a almost impasability for us eve if we pay by the month pleas halve our rates and for all elderly over 75 that live ona old age pension many thanks edward lewin

edward and joanne lewin yarra glen | 04 August 2016 05:13 PM | Report to moderator

Hi Edward and Joanne,You can apply for a Pension Rate Rebate which may provide you with a discount if you're eligible. For more information please see You can call Council on 1300 368 333 to obtain a pension concession application form. All the best, Kris - Yarra Ranges Council

Kris | 08 August 2016 12:18 PM | Report to moderator


JARRED MORSE | 04 August 2016 08:58 PM | Report to moderator

Hi Jarred, The purpose of the 'Street 11' competition in 2011 was to stimulate ideas and debate about the future of Lilydale. Although there was no budget for the designs to be implemented community conversations, ideas and surveys identified safety crossing the road as key concerns for pedestrians. This resulted in $1.1 million being spent on improving 10 crossing points and building 1.5km of new footpaths in and around Lilydale. Ideas from the 'Street 11' competition may be included in Council's future projects with VicRoads, PTV and landowners. Not all rates have risen by more than 2.5%, while rates for some suburbs have gone up, many have also gone down. 2016 was a revaluation year, this means that if your property value has increased by more than 9.45% your rates have have increased as a result. All the best, Kris - Yarra Ranges Council

Kris | 23 August 2016 03:22 PM | Report to moderator

Where is the kilsyth rates in the re evaluation,,,,, what a poor excuse is the council to forget Kilsyth. Why have the council increased the money paid to the CEO, disgraceful. Thank you for encouraging people to dump rubbish on the side of the road by not supporting residents with tip vouchers.

Mr Kilsyth | 04 August 2016 09:49 PM | Report to moderator

Hi Mr Kilsyth, Kilsyth rate revaluations have not been forgotten, As there are 68 suburbs in Yarra Ranges not all could be included in the graphic. All properties in Yarra Ranges have been re-valuated this year. Property values for your area have increased by 13.18%. All the best, Kris - Yarra Ranges Council

Kris | 22 August 2016 09:24 AM | Report to moderator

I'd like to know how many residents of the Yarra Ranges Council manage to pay their rates in full for prizes!!! Rates are my single biggest bill and their are two incomes in our household going towards it just to manage the monthly repayments. When I talk to people in general about rates they are totally blown away by my bill for such an ordinary home in Lilydale. I'm all for paying rates and keeping our local community thriving but if council budgets can't be met then some projects just have to be deferred. I would rather a council be upfront and transparent then push their agenda and increase their own personal wages as well. I'd be lucky if I saw my wage increase by $10 per week annually just to see it sent straight to my local council coffers!!

Bronwyn Mackie | 11 August 2016 04:40 PM | Report to moderator

Hi Bronwyn, Thanks for getting in touch. This is the first year we've given residents the opportunity to win prizes, so we don't have any stats on how many people are paying their rates in full as a result of the offer. When people pay their rates in full council is able to continue to maintain our assets, provide more than 120 services to the community and build new infrastructure for our community sooner. Thanks, Kris - Yarra Ranges Council

Kris | 22 August 2016 10:47 AM | Report to moderator

Having moved to Lilydale 2 years ago, I am shocked that my rates are almost double than my previous 1 acre property in Wonga Park! Im on 800 sqm here in Lilydale... the explanation by Council..' Your new home has to be valued higher to make up for the homes on larger allotments but are run down '!!! I can believe that during peak hour, Swansea road is a carpark with 2 lanes of traffic at a stand still with trucks...Maroondah Hwy is reduced to 1 lane coming into Lilydale... seriously, what do the rates get spent on...because it isnt infrastructure... Rates increasing by 10%, given property sales are not seeing that increase, I can only assume the increase is to ensure pay rises for Council employees.. Seriously a huge mistake moving here... 2 attempts to sell in 2 years unsuccessful... 3 other new properties in the same street are also unsuccessful....the Public have become educated that Lilydale is NOT where you want invest in Real Estate !

DB | 20 August 2016 11:04 AM | Report to moderator

Could you please advise me where I can dispose of used frying oil?

BJ Barnes | 23 August 2016 12:37 PM | Report to moderator

I shifted into my property in September 2012 at the time my property had a valuation on the rate notice of if l can remember rightly around $635K I paid $520K for the property. Can you please advise how these figures can be so far apart.?

Lynn | 24 August 2016 01:48 PM | Report to moderator

Hi Lynn, Thanks for getting in touch. All councils in Victoria are legally required to revalue all properties every two years. These valuations are based on the sale price of similar properties in the area and other known factors including the age and quality of buildings. If you think the valuation is incorrect, you can lodge an objection to the valuation within two months of the issue of that notice. All the best, Kris - Yarra Ranges Council

Kris | 25 August 2016 09:27 AM | Report to moderator

I see (surprise surprise) rates in Upwey (and other areas) are going up 6.29% this year. With many businesses (and households) cutting back unnecessary items to save money in these hard economic times when might we see a REDUCTION in rates and some examples of the council SAVING money? As per a Leader newspaper article exposing high council wages, I would also like to see a reduction of your upper management staff and wages, individuals on 300k+ are seriously being overpaid. You are here to provide the community with services and "required" infrastructure, not to have lush lifestyles and gold plate everything. I do not think and individual council staff should even be on 130k wage to be honest! Have you not heard, the age of entitlement is over, if you wish to obtain outrageous high wages and company cars perhaps it's time to move to the private sector.

Darrell | 25 August 2016 04:57 PM | Report to moderator

I too would like to know how you can justify having seriously overpaid and under performing middle and upper management. I have never seen my rates decrease, and am yet to see any improvements in the performance of the shire of yarra ranges. And don't even get me started on my unmade road with potholes, the cost of dumping rubbish, or the carpark that is Lilydale during school drop off times!

Andrew_ | 26 August 2016 11:07 PM | Report to moderator

I have recently downsized to a small unit on land which is a third of what I previously owned. Both house and unit are in Kilsyth less than 1 km apart, and yet my rates have increased to $1660. The Rates income generated from the massive number of subdevelopments in the Kilsyth/ Mooroolbark area must be absolutely staggering, and yet there appears to be little or no additional infrastructure to handle the additional population. Before permitting 3 or even 4 townhouses on a quarter acre block, the impact on traffic and ammenities needs to be investigated more thoroughly

Valerie | 27 August 2016 07:21 AM | Report to moderator

We just purchased in Upwey in October 2015, moving from a same value property in Forest hIll, in our settlement there was a whopping $1000 dollar difference in rates $1,700 up to $2700 - moving from Whitehorse Council to Yarra Ranges. Can you please explain how our rates have increased by a further ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS this year to a eye watering $3,693!!! Our neighbours on over DOUBLE the land size (2 acres) with a beautiful home saw an increase of $250 - Given our rates were identical the year before, and there has been no change to our property, how can it be explained that we have an increase of $1000! How can our rates be double that of Whitehorse for the same property evaluation? Your multiplication factor is way off,

Gavin | 29 August 2016 09:50 AM | Report to moderator

I have just reviewed my rates and almost fallen off the chair. You have revalued my property at more than $200,000 more than ANY house has EVER sold in my street. I was curious if the numbers are just guesses or are in any way based upon factual information. I see no possible honest way that it could be valued that high. I can't even get assistance in relation to local issues when we contact the council and you intend on attempting to fleece me out of in excess of $500 more than is close to reasonable for rates without actually supplying any decent council services??? I think the entire every property owner should apply for revaluations, I just received a property report which confirms my value so I know I will. The Yarra Ranges Council should be embarrassed.

Concerned | 30 August 2016 11:40 AM | Report to moderator

I think a local petition is required, this council is way too big and excess dead wood needs trimming, way too many overheads...There is local volunteer groups in Upwey doing the job of the council ffs, hard to justify any rate increase when the shire is full of pot holed un maintained dirt roads, and they want to hike our rates by $1000. It's beyond a joke. I urge everyone to pay a visit to your local council office to object in person.

Gavin | 31 August 2016 09:34 AM | Report to moderator

There is real issues with the way the Shire assesses rates. How can 2 properties so close and similar be so different. I have a property in Kilsyth South post code 3137 under Maroondah council rates $1,814.10. Plus have a property in Kilsyth post code 3137 under Shire of Yarra Ranges rates $2,734.95. 1. So the cheaper one is on more land (1000sq Mt vs 975sq Mt) 2. The cheaper one is worth $50-$75k more 3. Both are 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom 2 car spaces etc. 4. The cheaper one has lots more services supported by the council like golf courses, new indoor pools and much better services overall. One council encourages development and one does not. Guess which one has more of us to share the rates with and the one that has to put up the values of the properties to pay their way. Rate capping is joke. So I guess in Shire of Yarra Ranges you don't get what you pay for

Mark - Kilsyth | 30 August 2016 10:03 PM | Report to moderator

Council Elections are coming folks... Make sure you vote for a community driven (can do) representative! Someone that understands the role of the council and has the resident's best interests at heart. Councilors with ambitions of becoming state / federal politicians should also be avoided!

Darrell | 31 August 2016 09:55 AM | Report to moderator

I would like to complain about the Yarra Ranges Council general 'rate in dollar'. I randomly extracted comparisons of 5 other councils and Yarra Ranges is by far the largest, up to 318% greater: Yarra Ranges .003425 Whitehorse .00168069 Gt Dandenong .0018876 Stonnington .001077 Knox .0021114 Mornington Pen. .0022670 This indicates that Yarra Ranges Council expenditure is excessive relative to its income and consequently places an unfair financial burden on Yarra Ranges ratepayers compared to ratepayers in nearby councils. What expenditure reduction actions will you take to lower this rate in dollar to a more comparable level to that of nearby councils?

Jonno | 20 September 2016 11:26 PM | Report to moderator

Moving from a 4 bedroom house on 630 m2 in Maroondah with household of 4 people to 2 bedroom townhouse in Yarra Ranges on 150 m2 and single occupant, I am now paying 10% more in rates than previously. This is not a sensible long term option. In addition to this, there are now 9 properties being rated like this where previously there were 2. Greedy cash grab by Yarra Ranges council.

JH | 11 May 2017 02:22 PM | Report to moderator

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