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Exercising your dog

Dogs love exercise; it keeps them happy and healthy.

When exercising your dog, please be considerate of others and remember the following:

  • Dogs must be on lead at all times (unless in a designated off lead area)
  • You must dispose of any waste responsibly
  • Dogs are not permitted on ovals, sporting grounds, playgrounds, picnic and barbecue areas or the beach area at Lillydale Lake
  • When exercising your dog in an off lead reserve, you must carry a lead and maintain hand or voice control at all times
  • Dogs must be on lead in all Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water or DSE reserves unless otherwise stated
  • Dogs are not permitted in National Parks

Areas where dogs can be exercised Off-Leash

See the Off-Leash Areas and an overview map. (PDF, 3MB)

Elizabeth-Bridge-Reserve (PNG, 3MB)

Durham Road, Kilsyth

Melways Reference 51 J4                                                                                                                                                                           

Margaret Lewis Reserve (PDF, 3MB)
Cnr Ingrams Road and Maroondah Highway, Coldstream.
Melways Reference: 281 B10

Yarra Glen Showgrounds (PDF, 4MB)
Melba Highway, Yarra Glen.
Melways Reference: 275 B2

Healesville Showgrounds (PDF, 4MB)
Don Road, Healesville.
Melways Reference: 278 J5

Wesburn Park Reserve (PDF, 3MB)
Warburton Highway, Wesburn.
Melways Reference: 289 B9

Hickman Place Reserve (PDF, 2MB)
Hickman Drive, Seville.
Melways Reference: 119 H10

Wandin East Recreation Reserve (JPG, 3MB)
Cnr Old Baker Road and Monbulk-Seville ROad, Wandin East.
Melways Reference: 121 K1

Johns Hill Lookout Reserve (PDF, 2MB)
Ridge Road, Kallista.
Melways Reference: 124 K11

Mt Morton Reserve (PDF, 3MB)
Chaundy Road, Belgrave South.
Melways Reference: 84 D5

Belgrave Lake Park (PDF, 4MB)
 Park Avenue, Belgrave.
Melways Reference: 75 G12

Kalorama Memorial Reserve (PDF, 4MB)
Cnr Mt Dandenong Tourist Road and Grange Road, Kalorama.
Melways Reference: 120 A9

Richards Reserve (PDF, 4MB)
Copeland Drive, Montrose.
Melways Reference: 52 E7

Pembroke Retarding Basin (PDF, 4MB)
Cambridge Road, Mooroolbark.
Melways Reference: 52 A4

Summerhill Park Drive Reserve (PDF, 3MB)
Summerhill Drive, Mooroolbark.
Melways Reference: 38 B10

Balcombe Retarding Basin (PDF, 1MB)
Balcombe Avenue, Mooroolbark.
Melways Reference: 38 A8

Mount Evelyn Aqueduct Trail Reserve 1 (PDF, 4MB)
Westhill Drive, Mt Evelyn.
Melways Reference: 38 J12

Lakeview Reserve (PDF, 7MB)
Lakeview Drive, Lilydale
Melways Reference: 38 J12

Lillydale Lake (PDF, 4MB)
Melways Reference: 38E6

Seville Recreation Reserve (PDF, 3MB)
Seville-Monbulk Road, Seville.
Melways Reference: 119 K11

Cherylnne Crescent Easement (PDF, 1MB)
Cherylnne Crescent, Kilsyth.
Melways Reference: 51 H8

Minak Reserve (PDF, 4MB)
Wombalana Road, Selby.
Melways Reference: 124 A11

Kimberley Reserve (PDF, 3MB)
Kimberley Drive, Chirnside Park.
Melways Reference: 37 F3

Hull Road Drainage Reserve (JPG, 3MB)
Cnr Hull Road and Cardigan Road.
Melways Reference: 51 H1

Coronation Park (PDF, 3MB)
River Street, Healesville.
Melways Reference: 270 C12

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