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Exercising your dog

Dogs love exercise; it keeps them happy and healthy.

When exercising your dog, please be considerate of others and remember the following:

  • Dogs must be on lead at all times (unless in a designated off lead area)
  • You must dispose of any waste responsibly
  • Dogs are not permitted on ovals, sporting grounds, playgrounds, picnic and barbecue areas or the beach area at Lillydale Lake
  • When exercising your dog in an off lead reserve, you must carry a lead and maintain hand or voice control at all times
  • Dogs must be on lead in all Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water or DSE reserves unless otherwise stated
  • Dogs are not permitted in National Parks

Areas where dogs can be exercised 'Off-Leash'

See the Off-Leash Areas and an overview map. (PDF, 3MB)

Margaret Lewis Reserve (PDF, 1MB)
Cnr Ingrams Road and Maroondah Highway, Coldstream.
Melways Reference: 281 B10

Yarra Glen Showgrounds (PDF, 1MB)
Melba Highway, Yarra Glen.
Melways Reference: 275 B2

Healesville Showgrounds (PDF, 1020KB)
Don Road, Healesville.
Melways Reference: 278 J5

Wesburn Park Reserve (PDF, 1MB)
Warburton Highway, Wesburn.
Melways Reference: 289 B9

Hickman Place Reserve (PDF, 880KB)
Hickman Drive, Seville.
Melways Reference: 119 H10

Wandin East Recreation Reserve (PDF, 1MB)
Cnr Old Baker Road and Monbulk-Seville ROad, Wandin East.
Melways Reference: 121 K1

Johns Hill Lookout Reserve (PDF, 944KB)
Ridge Road, Kallista.
Melways Reference: 124 K11

Mt Morton Reserve (PDF, 1MB)
Chaundy Road, Belgrave South.
Melways Reference: 84 D5

Belgrave Lake Park (PDF, 1MB)
 Park Avenue, Belgrave.
Melways Reference: 75 G12

Kalorama Memorial Reserve (PDF, 1MB)
Cnr Mt Dandenong Tourist Road and Grange Road, Kalorama.
Melways Reference: 120 A9

Richards Reserve (PDF, 1MB)
Copeland Drive, Montrose.
Melways Reference: 52 E7

Pembroke Retarding Basin (PDF, 1MB)
Cambridge Road, Mooroolbark.
Melways Reference: 52 A4

Summerhill Park Drive Reserve (PDF, 859KB)
Summerhill Drive, Mooroolbark.
Melways Reference: 38 B10

Balcombe Retarding Basin (PDF, 1MB)
Balcombe Avenue, Mooroolbark.
Melways Reference: 38 A8

Olinda Creek Wetlands (PDF, 990KB)
Melways Reference: 38 G10

Mount Evelyn Aqueduct Trail Reserve 1 (PDF, 1MB)
Westhill Drive, Mt Evelyn.
Melways Reference: 38 J12

Lillydale Lake (PDF, 1MB)
Melways Reference: 38E6

Seville Recreation Reserve (PDF, 1MB)
Seville-Monbulk Road, Seville.
Melways Reference: 119 K11

Cherylnne Crescent Easement (PDF, 1MB)
Cherylnne Crescent, Kilsyth.
Melways Reference: 51 H8

Minak Reserve (PDF, 1MB)
Wombalana Road, Selby.
Melways Reference: 124 A11

Sunset Drive Reserve (PDF, 1MB)
Kimberley Drive, Chirnside Park.
Melways Reference: 37 F3
Dogs must now be kept on leads during the week at Sunset Drive Reserve in Chirnside Park.
Dogs can only be off lead on weekends and only in the Sunset Reserve.
(Please note: Kimberley Reserve is an on-lead area)

Hull Road Drainage Reserve (PDF, 986KB)
Cnr Hull Road and Cardigan Road.
Melways Reference: 51 H1

Coronation Park (PDF, 971KB)
River Street, Healesville.
Melways Reference: 270 C12

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