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Animal registration

Renew my pets registration

Pet registration must be renewed by 10 April each year.


Cancel my pets registration

Please let us know if your pet is no longer with you.


Update your registration details

Update your contact details, mailing address or animal details.

All dogs and cats must be registered to us by the age of three months.


Request a free replacement tag

This form will request a free replacement tag for your pet.


Register my pet

All dogs and cats must be:

  • Registered with Council by the age of three months.
  • Microchipped with proof for registration to be accepted.

Please note: If you are registering an American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, you must also provide paperwork showing proof of breed.



All cats being registered for the first time must be desexed, unless the owner provides one of the following:

  • Notification that the cat will be kept for breeding purposes.
  • A vet certificate stating the cat cannot be desexed for medical reasons.
  • A vet certificate stating the cat cannot be desexed due to an age risk.

Pension card holders are entitled to an Australian Veterinary Association desexing voucher.
This provides a reduced veterinary fee for desexing and can be obtained at any of our Community Links.

Further information can be found in the following documents:

Dog or Cat Foster Care

As a result of the Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farms and Pet Shops) Act 2017, people who foster cats and dogs in Victoria, can now apply to become a Voluntarily Enrolled Foster Carer (VEFC) with their local Council.

The enrolment fee at Yarra Ranges is free.

What benefits would I receive by enrolling with Council?
  • A reduced registration rate of $8.00 for each dog or cat you foster during the first 12 months the dog/cat is in your care.
  • The ability to use Pet Shops as a means of providing additional community exposure to dogs and cats.
What is the process on enrolment?
  1. Apply to become a VEFC
  2. A Community Safety Officer will review your application
  3. You will receive approval/refusal of application
  4. If approved - You are now eligible for the above mentioned benefits
Do I need an Excess Animal Permit (EAP) if I voluntarily enrol?

Yes, If the total number of dogs and cats kept at your property is more than 2 dogs and 2 cats, you will required an EAP.

Do I need to register myself on the Pet Exchange Register?

No. Council will register VEFCs on the Pet Exchange Register and will provide you with the relevant information upon approval.

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