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Preparing your property

Tips for preparing your property

Please note: there is no burning off during a CFA-declared Fire Danger Period. The current FDP runs from 19 November, 2018 to May 2019 unless otherwise declared by the CFA.


The CFA website is your best resource for up to date information about preparing for bushfire. This includes plans for preparing your property and creating an emergency fire ready kit.

Visit the CFA

Warnings & current incidents

You can find information on warnings and current incidents at the VicEmergency website.

Be prepared and have a written and practiced plan for high fire risk days. When you are relocating you might want to consider one of our suggested places to go on high fire risk days.

View current warnings

Neighbourhood Safer Places & Community Fire Refuges

We have a number of Neighbourhood Safer Places and Community Fire Refuges provided for community as last resort survival options. These do not replace having a well thought out and practiced survival plan. Going to a Neighbourhood safer place or Fire refuge is only a last resort if your plans have failed.

Council's Fire Readiness Program

Council spends around $1.5m annually on fire preparations including:

  • Inspecting about 54,000 properties
  • Issuing fire prevention notices to landowners.
  • Slashing 1500km of roadside
  • Fire preparation for reserves
  • Maintain over 70 water tanks and a network of fire access tracks to assist with fire fighting in our community

Our Annual Fire Readiness Program (PDF, 2MB)  details everything Council does in preparation for the fire season each year including roadside and reserve slashing. See what's included in the annual slashing program.

Council has created a list of Fire Hazard Clearance Contractors (DOCX, 5MB) that you can engage if you need assistance clearing your property.

Contact our Community Safety Department on 1300 368 333 with any questions about becoming fire ready.

In the event of a fire call Emergency services on 000.

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