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If you have a problem with noise from your neighbours the first step is to talk to them and work together to find a solution.Sometimes people are not aware they are making noise that is disturbing you.

You can use our sample letter (DOCX, 19KB) to guide you in writing a letter to put in their mailbox, if you do not feel comfortable speaking with them.

Noises that may cause concern include:

  • electric or motorised tools and equipment
  • amplified music
  • spa or pool pumps
  • air conditioners and heating units
  • gas fired scare guns
  • building noise

If the problem is behavioural or occurs after hours, Police should be contacted at the time of offence.

This Prohibited times for noise document outlines the noise restrictions that apply. The EPA website offers advice and solutions to residential, commercial and vehicle noise issues.

Resolving Disputes

If a dispute occurs, the reaching an agreement website developed by the Department of Justice provides useful videos, information, relevant links and contacts to assist residents on how to effectively resolve disputes.

If you are unable to resolve the issue with your neighbour you can contact us or the Dispute Settlement Centre for further information or assistance.

Submitting a noise complaint to Council 

If you would like to submit a complaint to Council for ongoing noise, please contact us on 1300 368 333.

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