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Tips for removal and prevention

Graffiti removal

Council's free graffiti clean up trailer and bins have all you need to remove graffiti from your home or business with instructions provided. The bins are available at the Community Links at Upwey, Monbulk, Yarra Junction, Healesville, Lilydale and Mooroolbark Community Centre.

The trailer requires a vehicle with towing capacity of 1500kg.

Call today to make a booking: 1300 368 333

Remove as soon as possible

Graffiti removal in the first 24 hours is the most effective way to stop it.

Graffiti will cure over time into the surface and make it harder to remove. Immediate removal will also discourage more vandalism.

Assess the surface that has been defaced

Unpainted or raw surfaces

These include concrete, bricks, sleeper walls, unpainted fences. Apply commercially available chemical to the tags. Always follow the instructions and safety procedures. Spray off with high pressure water blaster. This can be hired if necessary.

Colorbond or powder-coated surfaces

Apply commercially available chemical to the tags. Always observe instructions and safety procedures. Rub gently with clean shoe brush or similar to activate chemical. Wash off with water applied with a rag or hose.

Glass or raw metal

Never use steel wool, as it will scratch surface. Try turpentine, metholated spirits or Jif. If unsuccessful, follow instructions for Colorbond above, but be careful that chemical does not dribble onto painted areas. Sometimes toothpaste or Brasso can help to remove shadows left on metal.

Painted Surfaces

The best and safest option is to repaint in matching colour. Clean the surface first then test a small area. Some graffiti paints “bleed” through, and may require two coats, or even a sealant. If tagging is persistent, and repainting difficult, consider applying an anti-graffiti coating available commercially.



Reduce the likelihood of graffiti on your property

Plant creepers, foilage or trellis along a wall or fence that attracts graffiti. Painting the fence/wall in dark colors can deter further tagging. Keep your property well maintained.

Graffiti should be removed as soon as it appears

There is less time for the graffiti to bleed into the surface material, making removal easier, It reduces the exposure for the graffitist’s work. When graffiti writers see graffiti on a site, they will often want to place their own graffiti next to it. If you leave one ‘tag’, the chances increase that you will get more.

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