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Dealing with fines

Pay a fine

You must pay a fine promptly to avoid additional costs.  The payment must be made by the specified due date as shown on the front of the infringement notice.

Pay online or visit one of our Community Links.

You can also mail your payment to PO Box 105 Lilydale 3140.

Dispute a fine

You as the person named in the infringement notice, or someone acting on your behalf, may apply to have the decision to issue the notice reviewed.

Applications must be in writing, download the Request for an internal review form (PDF, 250KB) which can be lodged by mail or email as outlined in our contact us information.

Elect to go to court

You may choose to have this matter determined in court at any time before an Enforcement Order is made. Please notify us in writing immediately if you wish to have this matter determined in court.

What happens if I do nothing?

If you choose not to pay the fine a Penalty Reminder Notice will be sent to you with associated costs added. If you decide not to pay at this stage a Final Demand Letter from our Legal Representation will be sent to you. If you choose to ignore this a Notice of Hearing for an Infringement Offence will be lodged with the Magistrates Court. Legal Costs will be added to the penalty and the matter will proceed to court.

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