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Planning a public art or heritage project

Outdoor public spaces are a great place to  present arts and heritage activities. Cultural events and public art help enhance our public spaces by making them vibrant and interactive places for the community.

We support arts and heritage activities in public spaces, however before you start please make sure you: 

  1. Read the information sheet (PDF, 546KB) to get an understanding of what working in the public domain may involve.  

  2. Discuss your idea with others in the local area to establish if there is support. If so, record the nature of that support. Continue to communicate as the project progresses.

  3. Decide the basic structure of your project, and how you intend to fund it. 

  4. Discuss your project with a Art in Public Places Officer at Council. Continue to communicate as the project progresses. 

  5. Register your project with Council so we can assist you through any planning and permit requirements. 

  6. Proceed through your planning, obtaining the necessary permissions.

  7. Deliver your project and celebrate.

Make sure you let us know before you start your project so we can provide the best support.

For more information email our Art in Public Places Officer.






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