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Yarra Junction Township Blitz

Published on 10 May 2018

Parks and Bushlands team at Yarra Junction.jpg

Yarra Junction’s main strip will transform into a hive of activity on Tuesday 22 May when Council crews take to the streets and Yarra Junction Reserve for a one-day township blitz.

Council’s entire Parks and Bushland team will deliver their regular maintenance program throughout one work day, throughout the recreation reserve, the hub and main streetscape.

A Council booth will be set up for residents to provide formal feedback to council about services.

Yarra Junction playground inspection.jpg
Crew member making note of required works at Yarra Junction playground.

Yarra Ranges Mayor Len Cox said residents might notice tree works, high pressure cleaning and other gardening and maintenance work going on across the township.

"The regular program involves turf management and horticultural works, with plenty of weeding, mowing, mulching and planting," Cr Cox said.

"Normally the workload is carried out over several weeks at different times but this time the crews will be getting it all done together in one day.

"The Parks and Bushland team will be chatting to residents throughout the day about Council’s Parks and Bushland services too.

Cr Cox said access to the shops and carparking at Yarra Junction would not be impacted on the day.

"There will be an increase of vehicles in the area but carparking will not be limited," he said.

"We are working with local groups such as the RSL, Upper Yarra Museum and the Yarra Junction Community Men’s Shed to get work done around their facilities and properties."

"We will be working with the museum to replace a few of the trees from the ANZAC Avenue of Honour which are not in good health. The team will also be undertaking pruning and mulching of the avenue of trees."

Yarra Junction ANZAC avenue.jpg

ANZAC Avenue of Honor in Yarra Junction.

Council Operations and Assets Coordinator Bronwyn Grass said Council had previously carried out park blitzes at a variety of locations but this would be the first township blitz.

"At Yarra Junction, the township, recreation reserve and the hub are in close proximity to each other which means the team can work together undertaking a variety of activities," Ms Grass said.

"Most of our staff work in one or two person crews each day so this will be a great opportunity for people to work with others they don’t work with often. Staff will be undertaking works and tasks they don’t normally undertake so other staff will be mentoring them on the day."

Ms Grass said Council employees who took part in a park blitz last year were impressed at the work they had achieved on the day.

"Working in a larger group and as a team helped remind them they are part of a bigger network of employees working to maintain our open space network," she said.

"Our crews gained new skills, worked on building relationships and connected with other teams while working outside their normal work area.

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2 comment(s) so far...

Yarra Junction’s beautiful recreational area is being spoiled by a few uncaring people who use the scate park facilitie. Is there anyone who could advise them, in an unthreatening manner, of the benefits of keeping the area tidy and litter free? They don’t seem to know what the rubbish bins are for.

Trotty | 18 May 2018 10:19 AM | Report to moderator

Some more picnic areas and BBQs would be great

Anita Joy | 19 May 2018 06:34 PM | Report to moderator

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