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What you can do to help manage the Queensland fruit fly

Published on 13 February 2018


Do you have fruit trees on your property at home?

The Queensland fruit fly is posing a threat to fruit in the Yarra Valley. If you have fruit trees the best way to keep your backyard fruit fly free is to maintain the trees, pick fruit regularly and don’t leave ripe fruit hanging in the garden.

Yarra Ranges Council Director of Social and Economic Development Ali Wastie said unpicked fruit on trees and dropped ripe fruit posed a risk.

“If you have fruit trees on your property, pick all fruit as it ripens,” Ms Wastie said.

“Ripe fruit is what the Queensland fruit fly is looking for to breed."

Residents are encouraged to boil or freeze infested fruit to kill any larvae. 

Ms Wastie said it was best to prune trees to a reachable height, as fruit higher than this is hard to reach and pick.

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 What is the Queensland fruit fly and why is it an issue in the Yarra Valley?

  • The Queensland fruit fly is a horticultural pest.
  • The female fruit fly lays her eggs in fruit and vegetables.
  • The damaged fruit and veggies rot inside while the eggs mature into larvae, making the produce inedible and unsaleable.
  • The lifecycle continues when the larvae move into the ground, pupate, and mature into adult fruit flies. Fruit fly populations can increase in number quickly, and the damage to fruit can extend into neighbouring properties, or even across the region.
  • The Yarra Valley has valuable horticultural production properties and great home gardens with edible produce which is worth protecting.



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