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Steps in Time – Lilydale Showgrounds Mural Project

Published on 22 October 2018


Council is working with The Lilydale Agricultural and Horticultural Show Society and Victoria Police to create history on the walls of the Show’s buildings.

Led by artist, Daniel Van de Wiel of ‘It Stands Out’, an historic mural has been funded by the State Government’s Department of Justice Graffiti Prevention Grants, which will be installed in the coming weeks prior to this year’s Lilydale Show.

Initiated by Senior Constable Linda Hancock and Lilydale Show Secretary Jacqui Cook, the mural will depict the show’s history and the use of its buildings, while also considering its present and future.

“The Show was established in 1903 by local community members from agricultural businesses in the area,” Ms Cook said. 

“It grew to be one of the best in the state. Its buildings are the result of early investment and growth of the show by local volunteer committee members.

“Today the buildings are used by community groups throughout the year and are used for the show too. The buildings are well maintained but have been the target of repeated vandalism.”

Cr Tim Heenan said Council was pleased to be working with Victoria Police and Lilydale Show to support the show’s future.

“I can’t wait to see the mural when it’s complete and to see local families stop to marvel their childhood memories on the wall,” Cr Heenan said.

“I’ll definitely stop for a selfie and learn about the history of the show.”

Conversations have been held with community members who use the site about the mural content and designs reflecting that feedback will be produced.

The intended outcome is for the artwork, featuring on the three show buildings, to transform the site, creating a permanent festive celebration of the history of the area and representing the care the community feel for that history.

The mural will be launched with much fanfare at this year’s Lilydale Agricultural and Horticultural Show.

For more information please contact: Lilydale Show Secretary Jacqui Cook on 0459 064 099 or


Lilydale Show Secretary Jacqui Cook, Community Development Officer Santha Press, Leading Senior Constable and Crime Prevention Officer Linda Hancock, graffiti artist Justin Kirby, Cr Terry Avery, graffiti artist Daniel van de Wiel, Senior Constable Mark Bracher



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