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Melbourne's outer suburbs deserve better

Published on 13 November 2017


The 1.6 million people represented by Victoria's Interface Councils, which includes Yarra Ranges Council, should have access to adequate public transport, local jobs, education, health and community services, community facilities and uncongested roads. 

Recent analysis conducted by Interface Councils has identified concerning statistics that demonstrate the impact of inadequate access to crucial components of liveability. This includes a significant disparity in the access that residents living in Melbourne’s outer suburbs have to jobs, services, education and other opportunities, compared to the rest of Melbourne.

This needs to change.

That’s why Interface Councils is embarking on The Liveability Project. A campaign that calls for all sides of Victorian politics to do their part to ensure Melbourne’s outer suburbs are liveable for all.

A key question is: “What do you as a resident feel needs to change to let you get on and live your life the way you want to?”

Interface Councils want to hear from you.

Tell us what you think will make your neighbourhood and community more liveable. 

With your input, we can work towards making Yarra Ranges an even better place to live, work, learn and play by taking part in the survey.




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7 comment(s) so far...

Wellington rd needs to be duplicated between Belgrave Hallam rd and nepolian rd. 35-40 Min to travel a 10 minute journey is not exceptsble.

Scott Evans | 28 November 2017 08:45 AM | Report to moderator

I would suggest that the duplication should extend to the Harkaway Road turnoff as the traffic banks up to there. Other traffic trouble spots are: The Napoleon Rd/Lysterfield Rd/Brenock Park Dr area which is a bottleneck at peak hour. A major bottleneck is York Road. It needs to be duplicated to Hereford Rd. The section from Hereford Road to Clegg Rd also needs duplication to improve overall access to the Yarra Valley. Possibly the rest of Hereford Rd needs upgrading but I don't regularly use it. Wellington Road needs widening to three lanes each way in the section that goes over the Monash Freeway. Something else that would be appreciated by bike riders and motorists would be a bike path along the Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd. Weekends in particular are a nightmare mix of bikes and cars with nowhere to legally pass bikes because the road markings are a single continuous centre line. There is not enough space to stay at least a metre distance from bike riders and pass safely and legally.

Amanda Ellingworth | 28 November 2017 12:14 PM | Report to moderator

I agree with the comments about Wellington Road, Napoleon Rd/Lysterfield Rd/Brenock Park Dr issues. Particularly Wellington Road needs widening. Also Burwood Highway near Tecoma is a bottleneck. Many people now divert through Clifford Gve and that road is also becoming extremely busy. In addition, on that road people park their cars when they take the train (as there is minimal parking at Tecoma station) and the road becomes ridiculously congested.

Ineke | 29 November 2017 05:11 PM | Report to moderator

So called Interface councils should never have been created in the present form. There have been and will continue to be, internal frictions while a single council is attempting to satisfy the competing expectations of urban and rural communities within its area, this is acknowledged by YRC in the 2016/17 Annual Report. State and Federal funding opportunities for both types of communities are severely restricted due to the formulas used, If there is to be any improvement, the State Government needs to reassess these council boundaries, however it is most unlikely, as it will entail greater funding costs to them.

John Anwin | 29 November 2017 04:51 PM | Report to moderator

We have seen a huge increase in houses in Kilsyth (16 new houses on our street alone) and I know we are not alone. This increases traffic congestion. I have seen no changes to the roads to accommodate this. More cycle lanes? More bus routes?

Kilsyth resident | 01 December 2017 03:13 PM | Report to moderator

I would like to know why we need single decker buses negotiating the streets of Tecoma, Upwey and Belgrave when smaller buses would be adequate. I have never seen more than a handful of passengers on the single decker buses which pollute the environment and endanger pedestrians and other road users in the area. In particular, the road layout along Sandells Road is certainly not conducive to large buses such as these. I have, on a number of occasions, encountered a bus at the traffic lights unable to turn into Sandells Road due to the right turn lane. As a ratepayer, I am concerned about how my money is spent and in my opinion bus services in the hills do not require the large buses currently in use - a more frequent service using smaller buses would be welcome and I urge council to consider this in their future planning.

Tecoma Resident | 27 March 2018 02:50 PM | Report to moderator

Hi there, Tecoma Resident, Thanks for your comment. Public transport is coordinated by the State Government (through Public Transport Victoria) in consultation with providers. However, this is very good feedback, and an issue that has been brought up in the past. I'll pass your comment on to Cr Mike Clarke, who represents Yarra Ranges Council on the Eastern Transport Coalition. All the best, Jesse

Jesse Graham | 27 March 2018 02:59 PM | Report to moderator

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