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It’s Not Hard, Waste & Win

Published on 10 January 2018

Hard waste truck

Residents are encouraged to check what they can put out for their hard waste collection, as part of Council’s latest incentive scheme to reduce the number of hard waste knock-backs.

In 2017, Council issued 2100 Notices of Non-Compliance for homes that placed inappropriate or excessive items out for the annual Hard Waste, Bundled Branches and Metals Collection.

Find out more about your hard waste collection.

Yarra Ranges Mayor, Len Cox, said that Council officers reported a higher incidence of dumped rubbish across the municipality during the collection period, which runs from mid-January until the end of March. 

“Currently, there is little incentive for people to check what is okay to put on the kerbside for collection, which leads to frustration when some items aren’t collected,” Cr Cox said.

“We’ve seen that this can lead to people dumping rubbish illegally, which costs ratepayers about $250,000 each year.

“Most people do the right thing, and so we’re offering an incentive for everyone to check what is appropriate to put for hard waste.”

For the 2018 hard waste collection period, Council will run an incentive, with prizes including a balloon flight over the Yarra Ranges, a family Segway tour in the Yarra Valley and a white water rafting trip for two on the Yarra River.

All homes will automatically go into the draw, including those not placing items out for collection, unless issued with a Notice of Non-Compliance for their hard waste.

“We hope that people being proactive in checking what they can place out for collection means that the right things get disposed of,” Cr Cox said.


Quick links

Check your collection date


Check what you can put out for collection.


See incentive terms and conditions.


Items such as fuel tanks, gas bottles, tyres and springs, oil, aerosols and paint are often placed out for collection in hard waste, despite not being eligible for pick-up.

During hard waste collection last year, a truck caught on fire in Yarra Glen after a resident had placed an aerosol can in their hard waste pile. Household paint, batteries & CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) can be dropped off for free at Coldstream Waste Transfer Station’s Permanent Drop Off site.

Acids, fuels, cleaners and other chemicals can be disposed of through the Detox your home mobile collections organised by Sustainability Victoria.

For more information visit the Sustainability Victoria website or call 1300 363 744.

Other items, including tyres, motor oil and barbecue gas bottles can be dropped off for a small fee.

Hard Waste Demo

Residents can place household items, mattresses and furniture items, TVs, computers and electronic equipment and up to 10 pieces of timber (not fencing) up to three cubic metres, along with three cubic metres of bundled branches and unlimited metals material must be less than 1.5m in length and a maximum of 50kg in weight.

The Hard Waste, Bundled Branches and Metals Collection dates in the Yarra Valley have been altered to accommodate the upcoming Jayco Herald Sun Tour, following resident feedback. 

To find out what can and cannot be placed out for collection during the hard waste period and to read the terms and conditions of the giveaway, visit Council's Hard Waste page.

Fines may be issued for failing to comply with illegally dumped rubbish notices, with maximum fines of $6000 through the Magistrates’ Court.

Click here to see what can be dropped off at Waste Transfer Stations.


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8 comment(s) so far...

What happens to all the hard waste? Does it go straight to landfill or is it sorted so that recyclable materials or reusable items can be recovered?

Clare | 11 January 2018 03:52 PM | Report to moderator

At what point did the council become a body that dictates what can and cannot place out for hard rubbish? This is a service for ratepayers, ratepayers "ARE" the management of the council and the council provides the "required" services... THAT is the function of the council, to facilitate services for the community.. I think it's time to cut council spending (running costs) and lower rate fees as we seem to be getting less and less "services" even though fees continue to rise (EVERY) year!

Joe | 11 January 2018 04:08 PM | Report to moderator

It makes perfect sense to lay down a set of rules about the suitability of different types of hard rubbish for collection. As seen above the reasons are self-explanatory. If an item is flamable, dangerous in any way during the transport to the vehicle, suitable for the vehicle to crush or the workers loading, I would assume it would be common sense to eliminate those from the pick-up. But some people obviously do NOT use their "littel grey brain cells", and need to be told.

Eve | 13 January 2018 07:19 AM | Report to moderator

Right on Joe, is YRC running a Local Government or a lottery? Prizes for paying rates early, not putting out the wrong rubbish, what next? If council hadn't closed the Healesville tip and made tip fees unreasonable, there would not be the level of dumping that is occurring now. How are ratepayers supposed to get rid of the so called unacceptable hard rubbish? Message to council, Roads, Rates and Rubbish, that is what we employ you for, just do your core responsibilities and save ratepayers money.

June | 14 January 2018 10:38 AM | Report to moderator

So, people are naughty and put the wrong things out as hard waste. People are naughty and dump illegally, probably because they CAN'T use the hard garbage collection. Does anyone else see the irony? We don't all have easy ways of getting things to Coldstream either. That guarantees things will go in the weekly garbage that shouldn't. Provide a decent service, and illegal disposal won't happen!

Robbo | 12 January 2018 05:11 PM | Report to moderator

You say to use the links to check for collection dates. It never comes up with any results for my address or my neighbors. Useless! And over complicated just show a chart.

DAS | 14 January 2018 08:43 AM | Report to moderator

Pretty narrow range of prizes in the rather bizarre lottery you are running for people who do the right thing with their hard rubbish. Balloon flight? Segway Tour? White Water Rafting? I might have to consider putting out some inappropriate rubbish so that I DON'T WIN!!! Not everyone is into adventure tourism. Severe lack of imagination on the part of whoever devised that list of prizes!

Kath McKay | 15 January 2018 04:22 PM | Report to moderator

Coldstream tip is not "user friendly". It is quite a distance from the suburban part of the Shire. The fees are high. This is a disincentive to potential users. It is not surprising that certain people will do the wrong thing. I yearn for the "old days" when the tip was closer to town and ratepayers received tip passes. I appreciate the annual hard waste collection. I suggest that Council consider making non-hard waste more easily disposed of by opening a depot (or depots) closer to the major population area.

Garth Crockford | 17 January 2018 01:39 PM | Report to moderator

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