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Flags flown at half mast to show respect

News update published on 19 May 2017


The Aboriginal Flag and Australian National Flag will be flown at half-mast at Yarra Ranges Council offices Lilydale on Monday 24 April to acknowledge the passing of Local Elder Uncle Roy Patterson.  

Yarra Ranges Council Uncle Roy has been an integral part of the cultural, political and community space for many years and has been a deeply respected advocate for the local Aboriginal community.

Uncle Roy was a loud, vibrant bloke and you always heard him before you saw him.

 He was a respected artist and influenced many aspiring young people to pursue their artistic talent. His knowledge of bush foods and medicine plants was renowned and his advice and guidance on this cultural knowledge was sought by many.

Uncle Roy was a finalist in the 2005 Deadly Arts Awards with his entry The Dreaming of the Spirit World. His work depicts the Dreaming of the spirit and the soul of the ancestors.

Uncle Roy said: “I am a Taungerong elder from Healesville. I collect my ochres in Healesville around the Black Spur, and the Chum and Myers Creeks. I use all colours: green, orange, purple, yellow, red, white, brown, black and charcoal wood ash in my works. Many of my paintings depict animals and scenes from Dreamtime stories.

On Saturday 15 April, Uncle Roy’s life support was turned off. This decision was made with the support of his his family.

His passing has saddened the local Aboriginal community. He will be deeply missed. 

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