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Do I need a planning permit and can I lodge an application online?

Published on 14 March 2018


Are you looking to purchase or make changes to your property?

You can access online planning advice to find out what you can and can't do on a property and if a planning permit is needed via ePlanning on Council’s website.

ePlanning allows you to apply for a planning permit  and pay the required fees online.

Yarra Ranges Council is the first Victorian Council to provide customers with the ability to enquire, lodge and track applications online.


The timeframe to assess your application depends on the complexity of your proposal. Most applications are assessed within two to six months.

However, some applications can take more than six months for a decision to be delivered.

The time taken to reach the decision and receive the result can depend on what additional information is required and information or approvals required by other government agencies.

Planning Services infographic - dropped pin.jpg (JPG, 1MB)

Click the image above to view the full size infographic 

The infographic explains the role of the applicant, Council and community, as well as timeframes which are regulated by the State Government.


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  • Find out if you need a planning permit

    Find out if you need a planning permit

    Before you submit an application online, use ePlanning Enquire by selecting ‘Do I need a planning permit?’ to research what’s required and to find out what kind of development or use you can and cannot undertake on a piece of land.

    The information Council provides through ePlanning includes a summary of planning controls that may apply to your property and any proposed development or use. ePlanning will identify the type of documents you may need to arrange before you submit.

    Step 1 - Go to ePlanning 

    Step 2 - Select ‘Do I need a planning permit?’

    Step 2 - Enter and search the property address

    Step 3 - View the zone and overlays on the property

    Step 4 - Find out what is allowed, with or without a permit or what it is prohibited at the address

    Step 5 - If a planning permit is required, find out what you need to submit with your application

    Planning Officers are available over the phone or in-person at Council's Community Links to provide you with information and advice relevant to your application.

    Find your nearest Community Link

    Council planners review your application from an independent and impartial perspective. They assess each application according to:

    • Local and State planning schemes
    • Current and future needs of the community
    • Built and natural environment
    • Current and future needs of the applicant.

    Council planners may refer your application to other areas of Council for advice including arborists or engineers, as well as State Government authorities such as Melbourne Water. Council planners are responsible for assessing applications and cannot support you with redraw plans.

    It can be helpful to engage a private planning consultant, draftsman or architect to manage your application and to liaise with Council. This may save time and money in the long run.

    By law, Council planners can only take direction from the applicant (the contact provided on the application). If you engage a private consultant, they will deal with Council on your behalf.


  • How to apply for a permit

    How to apply for a permit

    Applicants are provided with a customised checklist showing the information required to include as part of their application and will receive email notifications throughout the lodging process.

    Step 1 – Go to ePlanning

    Step 2 – Select ‘Do I need a planning permit?’

    Step 3 – Research and prepare your application

    Step 4 – Go to ePlanning

    Step 5 – Select ‘Apply for a permit’, register and login, and apply for a permit

    Step 6 – Once your application contains the required information, you will be emailed the invoice and planning application number. Once the application fee is paid your application becomes active.

    Once allocated, the assigned planning officer can give you an estimate of how long the planning application should take to be processed. Most applications are assessed within two to six months. However, some applications can take more than six months to complete.


  • Track your application

    Track your application

    ePlanning allows applicants and the community to track and view the progress of applications and allows the community to view and make submissions on advertised planning applications.

    Once a decision is made, a copy of the permit and endorsed plans are made available via ePlanning.

    Access ePlanning 
    This information is part of a series of articles explaining the planning process at Yarra Ranges Council. For other planning related articles, see the ‘Related Information’ links on the side bar.

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