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Council applies to the Growing Suburbs Fund for support

Published on 11 August 2017


Council is aiming to deliver a number of major community projects in the coming years. Our key focus is to increase our visitor economy while preserving our natural assets and developing our cultural and community capacity.

The State Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund is one of the funding streams that Council relies on to make major infrastructure projects reality for the Yarra Ranges community.

The Growing Suburbs Fund supports investment in critical local infrastructure in Melbourne's diverse and fast-growing interface councils.

Council recently resolved to apply for Growing Suburbs Fund funding for the following projects:


Monbulk Community and Sports Pavilion

Council has secured a planning permit for the $3.4m modern pavilion at Monbulk Recreation Reserve. The two-level pavilion includes four unisex change rooms and amenities for players and umpires to cater for football and netball, a social space complete with bar and kitchen, canteen for match day refreshments and a club meeting room.

Council is providing $1m to the project. Council has applied to the State Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund for $1m.

Both the State and Federal Governments have committed $600,000 each. The club has raised $200,000.

This project will benefit the needs of 800 or more playing members of local sporting clubs including more than 600 junior and female participants. It will also offer additional space for other community groups to meet and socialise.


Warburton Community Recreation Precinct

Council resolved to progress the project to detailed design, contract documentation, and construction of Stage 1 after the master plan was approved by Council. The $3.8m project involves repurposing and designing key public open space area in Warburton to meet demonstrated needs, to include play, social and connectivity.

Council is currently contributing $1.9m.

Council has applied for $650,000 in funding from the State Government’s Sport and Recreation Victoria fund, and has also applied for $1.9m from the Growing Suburbs Fund.


Burrinja Cultural Centre Redevelopment Upwey

 The $2.5m redevelopment will transform Burrinja galleries, artist studios and making spaces, café, hospitality and music performance space, along with the main entranceway to the building. Approximately 14 jobs will be generated by Council’s investment in the construction of the facility.

Council has applied for $1.25m from the Growing Suburbs Fund and will contribute $1.25m to the project.


Pinks Reserve Netball Courts, Kilsyth

Council has applied for $1m from the Growing Suburbs Fund for this $2m all weather redevelopment. The 2,600 member Lilydale and Yarra Valley Netball Association has committed $1m.

Approximately 10 jobs will be generated by Council’s investment in the construction of the facility. This will include four jobs from the direct boost to local construction and six jobs within the local economy.


Warburton Mountain Bike destination project

The $4.16m stage one of the project involves the construction of a unique world-class mountain biking trail network with supporting infrastructure and network base located in Warburton.

It is estimated that the trail network at Warburton could attract 130,000 mountain bike visitors (120,000 day visitors and 10,000 overnight visitors). Economic benefits assessed as $23m per annum and 175 jobs.

Council has applied for $2.08m through the Growing Suburbs Fund for stage 1, to match Council’s $2.08m contribution.


Queens Park, Healesville District Playspace

This $1m project involves upgrading the existing playground in partnership with the local community. Council has applied for $500,000 from the Growing Suburbs Fund, to match Council’s contribution of $500,000.


Yarra Valley Trail Stage 1 - Lilydale to Yarra Glen

This path is the first section of a 40km trail connecting Lilydale to Yarra Glen, Yarra Glen to Healesville and Healesville to Woori Yallock where it connects into the famous Lilydale to Warburton Trail.

Council has applied for $2.5m with the Growing Suburbs Fund to contribute to the $5m project. It will generate about $30.3m, 222 jobs and almost $1m from mass participation events annually.

The rail trail will connect the local townships between Lilydale and Yarra Glen and people in these communities will be encouraged to lead healthy and active lifestyles by exercising in natural settings. It will attract an estimated 210,000 visits annually, with six events attracting almost 10,000 people annually.


The RidgeWalk

This $5.8m project is estimated to benefit 40,000 visitors in the first 12 months. Council has applied for $3.3m through the Growing Suburbs Fund, to go with the Federal Government’s contribution of $2.3m.

Council has committed to providing $1.1m. The project will be phased based on available funding.

The RidgeWalk will connect pathways and networks throughout Upwey/Tecoma to Montrose, Ferny Creek, Sassafras, Olinda, Mount Dandenong and Kalorama.


Central Park, Belgrave Heights Playspace

The $400,000 project involves upgrading the existing playground in partnership with the local community.

 Council will provide $200,000 and has applied to the Growing Suburbs Fund for $200,000.


Belgrave Lake Park District Playspace

The $800,000 project involves upgrading the existing playground in partnership with the local community.

Council will provide $400,000 and has applied to the Growing Suburbs Fund for $400,000.


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8 comment(s) so far...

Can the proposed RidgeWalk route be published? As a resident of the area I am concerned that my privacy will be destroyed with thousands of visitors walking and parking along the route. After seeing the impact that the 1000 steps has had on residents in the vicinity I am worried that about similar impact along this track, especially as neither myself of any of my household are likely to gain any advantage from the increase in visitors to the Dandenongs.

Ferny Creek Resident | 17 August 2017 05:43 PM | Report to moderator

Hi there,Please see the path outlined on the map on page 4 of the RidgeWalk Cultural Heritage Study quotation document.The map is indicative and provides a rough outline of the alignment. The actual RidgeWalk route will be determined in a Masterplan.The aim of the study is to guide the development of the RidgeWalk, by investigating the historical and significant relationship between art and landscape. The study is to be conducted over a 3 month period ending 31September, 2017.To view the study quotation visit: this helps, Anna

Anna Chisholm | 21 August 2017 08:10 AM | Report to moderator

I would like to know why $2.5 million will be spent on Burrinja. It is a wonderful venue but to me (and others) it looks beautiful as it is. I am a big proponent of the Arts, but this kind of money would be much better spent on updating the antiquated Angliss Hospital- some of the wards there look like they haven't been updated since the early 1900s. Also their maternity ward needs a huge overhaul and they would also benefit from a 24 hour operating theatre. With increased poplulation even within the hills, and nearby suburbs such as Narre Warren this woul be of greater benefit in my opinion than spending the money on the already wonderful Burrinja

Ineke | 18 August 2017 02:18 PM | Report to moderator

Hi Ineke, Thanks for your comment. We agree that support for local health is incredibly important. The funding being sought for Burrinja comes from a State Government program or funding stream dedicated to local government infrastructure. The funds being sought are mostly for the internal structure of the facility to enable it to provide much better service to art and music makers and enable greater social connection for communities in the hills. Burrinja now services up to 70,000 patrons each year. The re-design will allow for Burrinja to better host the creative enterprises on site. Hope this explanation helps. Anna

Anna Chisholm | 21 August 2017 09:27 AM | Report to moderator

Is there anywhere that the proposed route of the Yarra Valley Trail can be viewed, particularly the first stage.?

Sue-ann | 22 August 2017 05:33 PM | Report to moderator

Hey Sue-ann, Please refer to the following page on our website - Download the public consultation presentation link under ‘related information’. Within the presentation there is a preliminary masterplan highlighting all options being considered at this stage. The first section (Lilydale to Yarra Glen) would primarily run along disused VicTrack land at this stage of investigations. Hope this helps with your query.

Anna Chisholm | 24 August 2017 07:26 AM | Report to moderator

Further to previous suggestions regarding the Queens Park, Healesville playground upgrade, I bumped into a disabled lady (a stranger to me) this morning who was unable to access the playground area in her wheelchair and she asked me if I would raise this with Council. I felt bad that I hadn't considered disabled access to the area in my initial comments and would be grateful if this could be taken on board, if it hasn't already. Sincere thanks.

Stewart | 16 September 2017 02:10 PM | Report to moderator

Hi Stewart, Accessibility for people living with a disability will be considered in the design of the playspace once the project reaches our major projects team for design and delivery. Thank you for reaching out.

Anna Chisholm | 18 September 2017 10:46 AM | Report to moderator

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