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A very Lilydale welcome

Published on 13 September 2017

Welcome to Lilllydale

Throughout September and October keep your eyes peeled around Lilydale for the Lilllydale Alternative Welcoming Society (LAWS), a group of local artists encouraging community members to participate more in the township.

With significant change expected in Lilydale over the coming years, LAWS aims to begin activating different spaces around Lilydale to get people to spend more time in the town, rather than just travelling through it.

You can expect creative experiences which will make you think about the importance of Lilydale and the role the town plays in the local area and as part of Yarra Ranges.

Welcome to Lilllydale

The triple ‘l’ in Lilllydale isn’t a spelling error, with Lilydale spelled with one ‘l’ and the former Shire of Lillydale spelled with two ‘l’s’, the group wondered why couldn’t it have three?

Find out more about the group and individual artists on the LAWS website.

This project has been supported by Yarra Ranges Council and with $45,000 in funding from the Victorian Government’s Creative Suburbs Fund.

Welcome to Lilllydale

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Really, how about stop wasting money and put it into xmas decorations

Sueboznblue | 28 October 2017 06:49 PM | Report to moderator

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