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Lillydale Lake Playspace - Opening Week

Story Weaving - The story of The Platypus

Alice Hermans has been a storyteller in Melbourne and the UK for over 15 years, captivating imaginations and creating colourful worlds for young and old a like. 

The children will be welcomed into the space with a toadstool cushion to sit on and will become interactive audience members as Alice takes them on a journey through movement and sound. 

Alice will also use native Australian ‘puppet' animals during the story, with the platypus playing the main character.


Sunday, 23 April 2017 | 01:00PM to 01:30PM


Lillydale Lake, 435 Swansea Road,  3140

435 Swansea Road , Lilydale   3140

Lillydale Lake Playspace - Opening Week

435 Swansea Road , Lilydale   3140