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Yarra Ranges Council Playspace Strategy

Submissions close at 05:00PM on Monday, 01 October 2018

Play is an important part of health, wellbeing and community resilience. It provides physical, social, cognitive and creative benefits for children, teenagers, and adults of all abilities.

To make sure that the Yarra Ranges community has the best possible play experience, we’ve developed a new Playspace Strategy, which will guide the development and redevelopment of playspaces around Yarra Ranges over the next twenty years.

There are a range of new trends that provide opportunities to create better play experiences for our community, such as nature play, adult playspaces and integrated playspaces.


Learn more about Council’s playspace strategy

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Community consultation sessions

We’ll have a range of community consultation sessions coming up for playspaces that will be built or renewed in the next two years. If you want to be notified about these sessions, please join our mailing list.

Coming soon

  • Roma Reserve, Badger Creek - Renewal
  • Jacaranda Reserve, Kilsyth - Renewal
  • Rolling Hills Reserve, Mooroolbark - Renewal
  • Chirnside Urban Park, Chirnside Park - New
  • McKenzie King Adventure Playground, Millgrove - Renewal
  • Castle Hill Reserve, Mooroolbark - Renewal
  • Summerhill Reserve, Mooroolbark - Renewal
  • Valley Park Drive, Mooroolbark - New



Nature play

These playspaces include natural elements like sand, water and plants and provide materials like branches that children can use to suit their imagination rather than being limited by the design.


Adult playspaces

These fitness focused playspaces can include elements such as stationary bicycles, side-by-side striders, face-to-face leg presses and hand-eye dexterity games.

They may have walking paths with ramps, steps and arches; games like bocce, ping pong or horseshoes; and shaded seating areas.

They enable grandparents to stay active in the park while their grandchildren play nearby.


Integrated playspaces

These playspaces include things like water play areas, half courts, skate parks and parkour courses to cater for a great range of ages, abilities and interests. Integrated playspaces enable the community to use them in ways that meet their needs. 


Why is Council changing the way it designs playspaces?

Councils are required to promote and support people’s health and wellbeing. Playspaces encourage physical activity for people of all ages, while also creating spaces that encourage social connection, creativity and mental stimulation.

A variety of play experiences can promote learning and development, which are important building blocks in creating resilient communities.

Playspaces also help ensure that all residents have equal opportunities to improve their health and wellbeing.


Let us know what you think

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