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Potential sale of land for affordable housing in Lilydale

Submissions close at 05:00PM on Thursday, 30 November 2017

To meet the future needs of residents including families, people with a disability and older adults, Council is proposing that 67-69 Anderson St, Lilydale is a preferred location for higher density affordable housing.

Across Melbourne, Councils are looking at what they can do to alleviate the impact of the affordable housing shortage.

Council proposes taking action now to prevent community members on the lowest incomes being at risk of homelessness due to the growing shortfall of low cost housing in the Yarra Ranges.

After researching options Council’s preferred approach would be to seek a housing association or housing provider to create a high quality design for the site which would not exceed three storeys and would include about 32 units with up to five for private sale.

Residents are invited to have their say and provide formal submissions online via the Council website during the community consultation period from 13 to 30 November.

Information is being distributed to neighbours and local residents in the area.

An information session and barbecue is being held by Council to provide residents with the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

Information session with barbecue

Saturday 25 November

11am to 1pm

67-69 Anderson Street Lilydale

Frequently asked questions

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  • Why 67-69 Anderson Street, Lilydale?

    Why 67-69 Anderson Street, Lilydale?

    • This Council owned site is close to services, transport, education and the Lilydale activity centre.
    • The site was identified as surplus to Council’s needs.
    • There is observed low use of the play equipment on the site.
    • Melba Park is less than 200m away and offers a range of high quality play and recreation experiences and public toilets. The new Lillydale Lake Playspace offers high quality play experiences.


  • Who would live there?

    Who would live there?

    • Residents would include people living with a disability, older adults and low income families.
    • This approach creates a more resilient group of residents who can support each other and be part of the wider community
    • The successful Housing Association or Housing Provider would choose the tenants and support them. These organisations are very experienced in doing this.


  • What is the process for selling the land?

    What is the process for selling the land?

    When selling property, or leasing a property (for a term longer than 10 years or for rental exceeding $50,000 per annum), Council must undertake public notice under Section 223 of the Local Government Act.

    Council must give public notice and invite public submissions on whether or not the land should be sold. Council must consider all public submissions before making a decision on the matter.


  • If it goes ahead what would the likely timeline be?

    If it goes ahead what would the likely timeline be?

    Before Council makes a decision, Council needs to know what residents and stakeholders think about 67-69 Anderson Street being sold to help create more affordable housing in our area.

    After the formal community consultation process on whether the land should be sold is completed, a final decision would be made at a Council meeting in 2018.

    If it’s decided that the land should be sold, the next step would be an Expression of Interest process to confirm sector interest and determine a preferred housing association or housing provider.


  • Why is there a need for affordable housing?

    Why is there a need for affordable housing?

    • Yarra Ranges had a 38% shortfall in low cost rental housing in 2014. With no action or intervention, this shortfall is set to increase to 44% by 2036.
    • Affordable rental properties for residents in the lowest income bracket are very low (about 10 percent of all properties in 2014).
    • Population growth means more pressure on housing prices and demand.
    • More people are locked out of the home owner market as prices continue to rise.


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