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Potential Purchase - 13 Green Street, Healesville

Submissions close at 05:00PM on Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Healesville residents are being invited to have their say over the potential purchase of the land at 13 Green Street, Healesville, following a VicTrack decision to offer the land for sale.

The land on Green Street, adjacent to the River Street carpark, is currently leased to Council and used by the Healesville Community Market once a month.

VicTrack is pursuing the sale of the land and offered Council and other government agencies the opportunity to express an interest in purchasing the land.

Should Council not purchase the land, it is expected that VicTrack will seek to have the land re-zoned for commercial purposes and sold on the open market for potential development.

The 1716 square metre land parcel has been indicatively valued at $400,000. However, the final sale price will be determined by the Victorian Government Valuer General. 


The site of 13 Green Street, Healesville, photographed from the corner of River Street and Green Street.

Should Council elect to purchase the property it is likely to be funded from the Public Open Space Fund which is used to fund improvements to parks and reserves within Wards.

The fund currently has $664,000 available for Ryrie Ward, which could be used to purchase the land.

As a motor garage and mechanics was once located on the land, detailed soil testing will be undertaken to fully understand the impact the past use had on the land, before any future development takes place on the site. 

We respect your privacy. Any personal details or feedback will be used in compliance with our privacy statement and the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Victoria). 

Responses to this form will inform Council's final decision regarding the potential purchase of the land.

Submissions will be accepted until 5pm on Tuesday, 29 August.


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