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Draft Lilydale Place Plan

Submissions close at 05:00PM on Thursday, 27 June 2019

Council is inviting community members to comment on the draft Lilydale Place Plan, which will guide the town’s growth over the coming 20 years.

Several large developments are set to shape the Lilydale community in coming years, such as the Maroondah Highway level crossing removal, the Box Hill Lilydale Lakeside Campus’ renewal, the quarry urban renewal project and Council’s Civic Centre Redevelopment.

The Place Plan will be a document to guide Council’s decisions about Lilydale over the coming decades, ensuring that the infrastructure, projects and services in town match the values of the community.

Click here to read the draft Lilydale Place Plan (PDF, 336KB)

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  • What will the plan mean for Lilydale?

    What will the plan mean for Lilydale?

    The plan identifies several priorities for the Lilydale area, including:

    - Creating a new town centre

    - Focusing population growth within the town centre

    - Supporting local jobs and businesses

    - Improving traffic and transport connections

    - Improving public spaces and footpaths through the town


  • How has the community been involved to date?

    How has the community been involved to date?

    The Place Plan has also been informed by engagement with the community dating back to 2010.

    Significant community engagement specific to the Place Plan has occurred in the last two years, including:

    - The Lilydale Summit in September, 2017, where 150 community members shared ideas and feedback on community planning and infrastructure project

    - The establishment of the LPRG, with 12 community members and 12 Council officers contributing to delivery of the Place Plan

    - Individual meetings with property and business owners, and the Yarra Valley Business Network

    - Regular engagement with the Connect Lilydale community planning working group

    - The recently-established Lilydale Township Action Group, including a presentation by a community member of the LPRG

    The plan has been put together using feedback from the Lilydale Project Reference Group (LPRG), which consists of 12 community members and 12 Council officers, along with the Connect Lilydale group and engagement with residents and business owners over the last two years.

    Through this engagement, several key themes were identified, including:

    - Supporting a healthy environment which reflects Lilydale’s natural character, its country town identity and its role as a cultural and economic centre

    - Developing a connected community with strong leadership and safe places to gather

    - Ensuring sustainable community living, including community gardening

    - Building a strong local economy and creating affordable housing

    - Attracting government and private investment in the area

    - Improving traffic and transport services


  • How will my feedback be used?

    How will my feedback be used?

    Your feedback will shape the final Lilydale Place Plan, which will guide Council's decisions over the next 20 years.

    All of the feedback given on the draft Place Plan will be considered before the final plan is produced.

    Use the feedback form below to share your thoughts.


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Once the Lilydale Place Plan has been finalised and adopted by Council, Council will begin consultation to create the Lilydale Structure Plan.

The purpose of the Structure Plan is to establish a framework for the future land use, development and urban design for the Lilydale township over the next 20 years.

The Structure Plan will be informed by the Place Plan and will guide future growth and development in the town.

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