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Dear Warburton (Warburton Place Plan)

Submissions close at 04:00PM on Friday, 22 March 2019

What will Warburton look like in 20 years?

Council is putting together the Warburton Place Plan, which will help to guide decisions about the town and how it may change over time.

What is a Place Plan?

How will my feedback shape the plan?

Workshops and drop-ins

Engagement to date

Have your say

We’re asking Warburton residents and visitors to think about:

  • Places you enjoy eating, shopping, playing, working, visiting and socialising
  • People you spend your time with
  • Events you go to
  • Daily rituals, like going to a café or taking a walk
  • Things you would miss if you moved away  

Fill out the form below to tell us what that this looks like, and we'll use the feedback to shape the Warburton Place Plan.  

Online engagement is open until 4pm, Friday, 22 March.

What is a Place Plan?

A Place Plan is the Yarra Ranges’ blueprint for improving towns and importantly, for community to help design this blueprint.

Its implementation is a way for Council to partner with community and channel resources to improve liveability in key places. 

Place Plans will guide Yarra Ranges’ decision making for infrastructure, programs and services reflecting community values and expectations. 

This is the long term vision and the Place Plan is a new approach which will enable Council to deliver outcomes and projects, in line with our community.

The place planning process is informed and reinforced by research and deep community engagement.

This is followed with design and development, resourcing and finally, implementation of achievable actions within the plan.

Place Plans complement Structure Plans (where changes are proposed to land use).

Together they provide the foundations for change – building upon community strengths and ultimately improving the future liveability of a place by assessing and recommending change.

Council has requested that a Place Plan be completed for Warburton to compliment the Warburton Mountain Bike Project.

How will my feedback help shape the Place Plan? 

Engagement with community is a key feature in the place planning process.

It is critically important to the success of the plan that local knowledge, input and buy-in from community and stakeholders are at the heart of it.

We will be transparent and inclusive, providing the Warburton community information on the process and scope of the work. 

Community members will have the opportunity to attend engagement workshops on key themes, engage online and at local community events via pop up engagement within the community.

The Project Team will be responsible for making sure all voices are heard and considered and that the process is accessible and open to all. 

Community Workshops 

Community workshops will be held at the Warburton Arts Centre through February and March, covering different topics:

Agendas for the meetings will be shared on the Arts Centre window prior to the workshops.


Community members and visitors are welcome to drop in to the Warburton Arts Centre to chat to staff and have a cup of tea.

  • February: 10am-4pm on Tuesdays
  • March: 10am-4pm on Thursdays
  • April: 10am-4pm on Tuesdays

Engagement to date

Last year, we asked the Warburton community to share what they loved about Warburton, by asking them to write a love letter to their town.

People shared their thoughts in an online servey and at two pop-up engagements at markets and at the Arts Centre.

More than 100 people spoke to staff at the pop-ups, and 70 people wrote letters.

The letters covered many different topics that the writers felt passionate about:

  • Natural environment (43 letters)
  • Community spirit (27 letters)
  • Transport and infrastructure needs (14 letters)
  • Culture (13 letters)
  • Support for increased development and business opportunities (12 letters)

Issues of concern for letter writers included negative impacts on the environment (11 letters) and increased tourism (10 letters).

Have your say

Fill out the form below to share your thoughts about Warburton's future.

Click here to view form.

For more information call Council on 1300 368 333 or email


The personal information requested on this survey is being collected by Council for the purpose of engaging with community members about the development of the Warburton Place Plan. The personal information will be used by Council for that primary purpose or directly related purposes. All information collected will remain confidential and be kept in accordance with Council’s Privacy Policy.


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