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Amendment C166 - corrections to Planning Scheme

Submissions close at 05:00PM on Tuesday, 09 April 2019

Current status: Open for comment

Amendment C166 corrects zoning inaccuracies and anomalies, deletes a number of redundant Public Acquisition Overlays and restores Clause 51.03 provisions for earthworks and retaining walls in rural areas that were inadvertently deleted in Amendment C97.

Amendment C166 will:

  • Ensure that sites are covered by the zone that best suits their function and are not covered by more than one zone when this is not justified.
  • Remove redundant controls from the planning scheme.
  • Ensure that the Upper Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges Regional Strategy Plan outcomes for maintaining the agricultural and landscape values of rural land are achieved through restoration of appropriate controls over earthworks, filling and retaining walls.

The closing date for submissions is 9 April 2019.

Under the Planning & Environment Act 1987 all objections/submissions received are required to be made available to any person for the purpose of consideration as part of the planning process.

Should you wish to discuss this matter further, please contact Matt Budahazy of Council’s Strategic Planning Department on (03) 9294 6286 or




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